Get a Year of WoW and Gain a Slew of Extras to Add to the Adventure

Thanks for this promotion! I’ve been looking for an incentive to resub.

Anyone else tired of Classic getting their own mounts?


Not as much as you posting on 6 million different account to avoid forum bans


Hmm,I’ll think about it at the end of the year too late now for this ,plus don’t know if this applies to Xbox too,which no doubt is an extra fee per month.

No tendies? Cmon. Toss a few in there.

They make more money if they keep the two subs separate. I doubt wow would move to the Xbox pass as the wow sub is more expensive per month.


Isn’t the blue gigantic murloc a recolor of last year’s green gigantic murloc?

I can’t really tell, being a racist, all murlocs look the same to me.


if a person already has a 1 year sub from last year (and it’s set to come out) , do they get the goodies for this or do you have to resub again?

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If your annual sub is set to automatically renew, yes you will get the goodies. :dracthyr_heart:


Yeah that’s showing up on mine as well from it but then go to click and nothing there.


Hilarious to see people coping that wow would be on game pass. Bro eso isn’t on there after all this time. Farm gold for sub or farm more at work if you want to play.

Kinda darkly comical when compared to those folks who’s inboxes (in-game) are blowing up with that Mizzen stuff.

I haven’t seen anything in mail about Mizzen since the first day did those which was day they first hit

Yeah same. Just commenting on how the dichotomy between your experience and others regarding inboxes is interesting. Some folks mentioning that they’re getting spammed. And then folks that really want something in the mail get nothing

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It just kinda happened lol

I think it’s honestly a glitch with the new 12 month sub

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So I’m on a 6-month right now that renews automatically. Won’t re-up until February. Do I just set that February renewal to the 12-month and I’m good?

Should probably check the Support forums on this.

You should be able to get the new rewards if you’re already on a 12 month sub.

And yeah seems like it’s bugged, I’m getting the gift notifications as well but if I click on it there’s nothing.

EDIT: After I restarted the client the notifications stopped but there’s still no gift.

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Eh? No?

When did we get a Slitherdrake with trees on it?

But I am surprised they went with a recolor of that murloc. That’s highly disappointing.

ROFL I love that you used an Uncle Roger gif. :rofl:


Is this something that can be paid for with balance or does it have to be a “regular” (CC-based) sub?

No, you cannot purchase recurring subscriptions with Battlenet Balance.