Genshin Impact is awesome!

Tried out the free Genshin Impact game and it is really really fun if u like Exploring.

The Glider system is just really fun and we get it almost at the start, no need to go through some longquest, rep system before u get Gliding.

The voice acting, graphics are really amazing for a Free game.

It is gatcha for the top characters and weapons but it is totally playable without them.

Highly recommend u try it out!

Downloaded it on my PS4 - it’s cute but the thought of it being a gacha game kinda stalled me.

Maybe I’ll play it more later once SL dies down.

I didnt get anything really good from the gatcha but it really isnt needed.

Plenty of free 4 star items and characters.

Exploration is the name of the game and it is superbly done!
Voice acting is awesome too and the graphics and music wow…very nice!

The only displeasure I have with gacha games is when you hit that wall of progress limitation as you get closer to the end-game - some sort of “stamina” mechanic limiting your gameplay activity.

Other than that, I found them to be quite fun gameplay and story-wise. As long as you don’t feel compelled to buy or grind every single character in a game, you can actually make great progress in them with what you can get.

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ya i’ve hit that “stamina” wall now at around adventure level 35

Daily activities

  • Do 4 easy quests
  • Some mining
  • Do 2 to 4 mini dungeons (due to stamina limit) of up to 5 mins each

I could probably grind out some stuff but the stamina limit is there now.
It is ok, just dont play as much.

People like Rich Campbell are why Genshin Impact is F2P. He is a true whale. :whale:

Are there any multiplayer dungeons or raids or whatnot? I’ve been looking at it for a bit, but I know next to nothing about the game.

There are short 1 room dungeons with up to 4 players, mostly to farm items.

3 big boss fights single player.

There is also a single player dungeon with up to 9 levels i think.
Abyss it is called.

Mostly, it is a single player game with Exploration as its main driver.

Ah, it looks really pretty. Just not sure how long it would hold my attention without dungeon crawling. I appreciate you.

yea it;s not a dungeon crawler game.
It is an exploration game.
Lots of gliding around, climbing up mountains, finding stuff