Gearing in Eternity’s End

So, are these legendary items we collect all we need to upgrade? Or will there be new base level items too? And if there are new base level items, will there be a catch-up mechanic to left crafters make the higher level ones easier? At least on my server the tier1-3 (and sometimes 4) base pieces sell on the AH for much less than they cost to craft.


So unless you plan on actually re-working nearly every covenant legendary most people will be running one… awesome…

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What about those of us who’s covenant power already exists in a current other piece then belt!? My BM hunter’s legendary is on necklace and its the covenant power. I spent 35k on it. Do I have to reforge another non-covenant one then do belt?

Please don’t tell me I wasted 35k on necklace.


Well this is good to know in advance. I was already making preparation to make legendaries with covenant specific power thinking that is what you guys meant by a covenant legendary (now I guess I dont have to)

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PLEASE change swiftmend to not consume a HoT over-time. i really don’t want to use the leggo the entire tier its so bad and boring.

I know this is the first build but this needs to be gutted into the ground. WW is already destroying M+.


Can we please get some clarity ASAP about if this will mean I need to recraft my legendary belts that I already have inorfdr to use the new one or if there is nothing specific about it being on a belt.
I would really like to not have to recraft legendaries that I already had to recraft when dom sockets came in.

Can this be made 100% clear please.


Holy bonkers, batman :exploding_head:

Okay, but at least this kind of helps with their single target damage.

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At least this time you get all the soul ash/cinders back for free

Any lock stuff yet?

I currently have my legendary on my belt slot since I had to recraft to free up dom sockets. Does that mean I have to re re mcraft to to frr up the belt now?

9.1: They say Shadowlands has too many systems

9.2: Hold my beer.


It’s almost like they made Shadowlands just for Boomys lmaoooo


Interesting to see that tier sets will eventually be available for non-raid, PvP or Mythic folks. Even if they are a lower ilvl, it’s nice to see they are allowing meaningful gear progression for everyone.

Now if they could just balance like half the covenant legendaries, we’d be in decent shape.

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THAT TAUREN looks impressive!

At least the new mats for lego creation are not jsut in torghast. I can run pvp and wq’s till the cows come home.

It was torghast that had me hate life. If I wanted to play hades…I’d borrow my kid’s switch since a DDL to it. As well, hades is just way better better as a rogue lite.

But thank god this time they also look atrocious, too!

I think the bonus CDR from BM hunter 4peice will be a noticeable change to the rotation, but it depends on how it’s tuned. Initial read is that prot pally 4 will give them bonus holy power, which will feel very good and a bit different

Good lord, they are listening about something at least. Thank god


Na. my sub will expire before then. but my guess it will be the same boring grind for casuals, well boring for everyone, once things are cleared, and no relevant new patch or ideas, and almost 2 years will go by and folks turn into husks of their former selves.