Geared Human Priest looking for Nax raiding guild

My guild broke up this week and I am considering moving to a US East server to take advantage of earlier raid times. I’m looking for a guild that is raiding Naxxramas that raids on nights other than Friday/Saturday that has a spot for a healer. I’d prefer to start no earlier than 6:30pm EST and end no later than 11pm EST. I have kill experience on every pre-Naxx boss (Including Viscidus) as well as 6/15 in Naxx. We’ve attempted a couple of others, but only downed 6. I’ve been in raid for each of my guild’s first kills since Firemaw. Ideally, I’d like to join a guild progressing in Naxx that is in the 6-10 bosses range, as I enjoy contributing to new boss kills.
Some stats: I’m in a mix of Nax/AQ/BWL gear for the most part. I am currently in a disc spec. I could be convinced to tweak or go back to holy, but prefer the larger mana pool as disc. Stats of import are (unbuffed) 965 healing power, 6882 mana, 139 MP5 while casting. You can find my actual performance on warcraft logs as Saberia - Myzrael
Please message me on Discord Saberia #4104 if you’re interested and tell me about your guild. I’m looking to decide if/where I’d transfer to in the next few weeks.