Gear Upgrade for returning level 25

I tried to research it, doesn’t appear to offer anything and would wipe tool bars but I wanted to make sure before I give up on it that I wouldn’t be missing anything as far as gear or resources.

The gear upgrade gives you new gear which may be better than what you had equipped. The gear you had equipped will be mailed to you (just like with a character boost). You will also get new bags, same thing about anything else being mailed to you. No resources lost.

It will reset your talents to a default build of the spec of your choosing. Chances are if you haven’t logged into the character in long enough for it to offer the update you’ll probably need to redo your talents anyway.


Thank you for your advice. I did set her up in S1, the only quests I have are ones I want like profession or opening up different areas and resources like my garrison. Most of my gear aside from heirlooms is crafted and drops from before SLands so I’m probably at an awkward stage where I could benefit but the price seems a little too high. Like you said, maybe just not a good choice unless it’s been longer.

Although I’m not geared enough for PvP I should be good enough to heal some dungeons. My bank alt, otoh, might be a better candidate.

EDIT: Did it on my bank alt, you have an option to not lose your quests.

Using the gear update on a low level character is just a quick boost to get you back into the game. Your gear (whether using the update or not) will be replaced very quickly at such a low level, so it honestly doesn’t matter much. At lvl 25, the gear you will receive in the gear update will be somewhere around ilvl 75 (give or take a couple), so if your average ilvl is below that it might be worth it for a quick boost.

If you’re using mostly heirlooms then it might not be worth the trouble at all. Regardless, for lower level characters it won’t make that much of a difference. After an hour or two of gameplay you’ll have replaced all of the upgraded gear anyway as you continue to level.

As far as quests go, there is now an option when choosing the upgrade to keep your current quests if that’s something you’re worried about.


I did it on my bank alt, some things to be gained but it seemed not worth the effort for Tess. Thank you for your advice.

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