"Gear Update" now and future

I’m coming back to WoW retail after a few years away. I have a bunch of 40 and 50 characters and they all have a gear update available. I did one and so I know what it is, that’s not my question.

My question is, when the new expansion drops next year, will the gear update change? Will there be a new and different gear update? Basically wondering if I should go ahead and update them all (and start accumulating rested) or leave them for a potentially better gear upgrade next year.

I also realize that probably none of you are privy to Blizzard’s plans for this, but since you’ve been playing these last few years through these last couple of expansions, you might have an opinion based on your experience.

Thanks in advance!

The gear is basically the same ilvl that heirloom gear will be at the given level. So, it probably won’t change unless/until they re-scale ilvl vs. character level for the leveling range. They actually did such a pass for Dragonflight, and with no planned stat or level squish for the next expansion, I don’t see them needing to do it again for the next expansion.

The only requirement to get access to the update is to have not logged into the character for 60 days. So, you can get it again on characters that have already used an update.

(And I’m pretty sure that the appearance of the gear is the same one they’ve been using for the boosts since forever, so I don’t expect any changes that would affect its transmog value either.)

Thanks! That’s all very useful information!