Gear Up for Dragonflight with Our Survival Guide

Gear Up for Dragonflight with Our Survival Guide

Join CDew, Hazelnutty, and Naguura for a dragon’s-eye view of Dragonriding, Major Factions, profession and talent systems changes, new raid content, revamped UI and HUD, and more.

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That dragon looks very Christmas


Join us for our revamped UI system!!

Any word on when I’m finally going to be able to modify my text box and have those changes STAY after I log out???

Yes… I’ve turned off all other addons. This extraordinarily BASIC feature is still broken.

Good for cdew for earning that cheddar.

Also, Hazelnutty and Naguura delivering information concisely as they always do.

:surfing_man: :surfing_woman:


I dont understand why they keep releasing this same video? Its not even a guide video. It just tells you the features of the expansion (to which there are very few: dragonriding, professions, and new zones.).

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thats so cool!!!

Do people no longer experience something for THEMSELVES anymore?? Like seriously people, wtf, why would anyone want to see the entire experience played out by some other person? Where is the adventure in that?


whats the reference at 1:30 where it talks about being max level to get glyphs…that would be a HUGE change from beta if thats the case…