GDKPs banned in SoD. Let's see how it plays out and if good, do the same for Cata. Or personal loot

It doesn’t fit Blizzard’s definition of what constitutes a “GDKP”. There is no item to gold exchange happening, you’re simply paying for a service.
If Blizzard didn’t want carry runs to happen they’d specify it. Right now as per their new rules they aren’t “GDKP’s” because you don’t pay for the item. You are paying for the service of getting boosted by a guild. Items included or not doesn’t matter. They decide how to sort it out and if it somehow infringes on Blizzard’s definition of a “GDKP” then probably action will be taken. If it doesn’t it’s fine.
Blame them for specifically dodging this issue.

lmao dude.

GDKP just means paying for loot in bidding format.
What you’re saying is still paying for loot, just ahead of time.

It’s literally just using different words. I don’t believe you’re actually that dull to believe this. There is no way. I refuse to believe it.


Nope. Blizzard defines “GDKP’s” as raids where items are exchanged for gold. Whatever you think a GDKP might be doesn’t matter because they go by their definitions.

And you define your raid where items are exchanged for gold, just “reserved” ahead of time.

you literally just replaced word “buy” with “reserved”.

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And it makes it not fall under Blizzard’s definition of a “GDKP”. The way it’s sorted out it’s irrelevant. If paying for specific reserves is too “transactional” then you’ll pay for a ranged dps spot or a caster spot and get the loot funneled to you.


It literally says

Paying for loot ANYWHERE at ANY TIME falls under “GDKP” definition for Blizzard.
If it’s hard for you to understand, you can read it as,

Any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold, we’re defining it as GDKP

You give gold. You get item. That’s GDKP for them.


You are not paying for loot. You are paying for a caster spot or a warrior spot. What is so difficult to understand here?

You paid gold to get the exclusive right an item. You bought the item.

You changing ONE WORD doesn’t change the reality. You’re just using different words to say the same thing. YOU PAID FOR AN ITEM

And you gonna get banned.
And it’s the right way to go about it.


Imagine defending GDKP.

Continuing the discussion from GDKP > "xxx res" runs:

That explains a lot.

He is looking for a way to go “around” the new ToS if it was to make it’s way into Wrath/Cata.

I didn’t sell anything. They bou…RESERVED it ahead of time by giving me 20,000 gold and no one else wanted to bu…RESERVE it for more gold so I master looted it to them.

lmao what a clown


Wrong. You pay for anything but. The carry, just the caster or whatever spot, doesn’t matter. This alone makes it not work with Blizzard’s definition of a “GDKP” so it’s fine.
Your hysterics won’t change this in any way. Sorry but you’re wrong. If SoD devs weren’t incompetent clowns they would just word it in a way that ko’s carry runs as well. But they didn’t.

Do point to the part where I’m defending the GDKP’s and not clearly stating that they are giant gold selling operations.

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Exactly. Bingo! Thanks.

lmao duuuuuuudeeeeeee

If I give you GOLD. And you give me an ITEM and no one else has the right to roll on it. This is against ToS in SoD. Simple as that.

hahah im definitely not wrong. You think by changing ONE word in the verbiage you somehow “cheat” the system.

Devs in classic are a very competent and a very well put together team. And I’m sorry your saltiness gets the best of you. Sounds like you need to quit this game or take a break for a decade or 2 until new up to your standard “competent” team comes around.

lmao what a joke. Im cracking up. This is hilarious and I hope devs see this conversation.


It is not about cheating the system but the SoD devs very clearly sidestepping the issue of carry runs.
Okay, so let’s say you’re right and just paying for reserves is also against their ToS. Is paying for a carry where you take the dps warrior slot and thus get funnelled all the dps warrior loot also against it? No it isn’t with the way it’s worded.
But the problem here is that you are wrong. You are paying for a service and that’s it. You are not exchanging gold for items, putting it squarely outside of their definition of a “GDKP”.

And Classic devs are in fact a gaggle of incompetent clowns and trainees. It is very very obvious if you look at the way they handled WotLKC, especially their inane attempts at balance. Same goes for SoD so far, but WotLKC is the worse offender in terms of a textbook example of 0 developer oversight.

If you paid gold to be awarded gear then by their definition you could get ban. The point to make it as large as that is because people will of course try to find other ways to do those runs unless the wording is very large.


Lold irl, thank you

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Ignoring the signs of a stroke can lead to permanent brain damage.

You do know if you wish to listen to yourself there’s the option to not post on the forums.
Since the start you’ve been obnoxious. Just do it if you think it’s not bannable. I do not care for you if you get banned for it.

I don’t play SoD. But nothing in the rules states you can’t just sell carries. They are in fact very specifically worded to dodge this issue.
I understand that reading comprehension is an alien concept to you but I thought I explained it clearly so far.
But I guess not so here, maybe it will sink in.

Absolutely nothing in the rules works against people selling spots in carry runs and funneling gear to the people they carry.
The rules are worded to avoid this.
Which means that you can in fact still buy the items except it has to be under the pretense of a carry run, which is a 100% allowed guild service.

This also goes to the other sad sack unable to understand simple sentences. No stated rule stops people from still buying items from guild carries and the fact that it took me less than an hour while raiding Amirdrassil to think of more and more ways to not even get close to the GDKP ban rules only shows how incompetent the Classic devs are.

GDKP’s will go extinct or get pushed into some cringy secret club zone but carry runs will flourish as nothing in the rules stops them. It is also trivial to sell items under this pretense without getting close to infringing on Blizzard’s new genius rules.

Since I am in a good mood, on the off chance one of the clown devs actually read this (they don’t) I graciously offer a solution to this issue: add carry runs to the prohibited activities list.