GDKPers - Next Stage of Grief Pls

If you’re helpless to understand why they changed it you’ll be helpless in getting them to change it back.

Alright, so humor me then. What does “the culture” mean in this context then?

Again, to the original post, watch the video.

No more denial. Thanks.


Isn’t that like 60% of the current discourse? People trying to concoct solutions to the new rules?

Nah, I’d rather discuss it in this discussion here. That is why you created this topic after all, right?

I fail to see how this is a thing either. I still am in a guild. I still run with my guild on my main. GDKP’s just also let me gear up alts in a quicker way (which also let me bring them into fill guild raids as needed). With this change I’m simply just not going to play as many alts, which in turn hurts my guild

And again, I am less social in SR/MS>OS PuG’s than I am in GDKP runs as are most from what I’ve seen.

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we’ve been concerned that GDKP erodes traditional guild and social structures that are in many cases the basis of our most fond memories of early versions of World of Warcraft.

No. Please read the post.


And how does it do that? My guild runs 8 raid teams. Groups 1/2 run at the same time, then 3/4, then 5/6, then 7/8. As it is I already run all 4 raids possible with my guild. I have more alts than that though.

I’m in an active guild that regularly groups up for finding runes and running dungeons and BFD, and have made a handful of friends grouping up for BFD pugs. Never even done a GDKP in my life. Sounds like the devs are wrong on this front :thinking:

The rule changes are coming. You aren’t going to stop the train coming into the station by arguing about it.

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It says “guild and social structures”. That includes non-transactional forms of pugging like SR and MS>OS.

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I genuinely don’t understand what point you are trying to make here?

“Erodes” does not mean “eliminates”.

I agree with OP. The denial is tired and it’s only been a couple days.

Well I can’t understand things for you. Can only explain them.

I never said it did. But I’ve had no more issues getting into non-GDKP pugs now than I had 15 years ago in Wrath. “Erode” would imply at least that it would be more difficult to do so

Try getting into anything other than GDKP pug in Wrath or Era. That’s the logical conclusion of unchecked GDKP.

I literally just said I have no more issues doing that than I did back in original Wrath

Lol nah man we’re good. Gonna keep clogging forums though y’know no GDKP to attend gotta do something with the time.

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In SoD or in Era/Wrath?