GD Lounge # Reforged

Good boy

i want tacos too

puts on taco bell uniform
welcome to taco bell.
May i take your order?

yes you may take my order

What is you’re order?

you. :paw_prints:

Here or too go ma’am?


I went for a walk.

Don’t think fist shaking is going to help here.

Well I’m making meatloaf, that’s comfort food.
I’d rather be sailing.

How was the walk?

Evil devs.

Have you checked if there’s any other game t that might interest you now?

Freezing. The windchill was terrible.

The company is known for delays, but they just announced the game last week. They could have kept their trap shut and saved the ill will from taking the game away for another week.

Not right now no. I’m just kind of doing dailies in four or so games. Expecting an earful over the fact that the respect thing from the fallout patch today doesn’t retroactively give you the choice for level you already have over 50.

/Warm hug.

It’s weird it’s a beta even if it was buggy, it makes sense.

Oh, what is that choice about?

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :heart:


Yea it’s a beta, it’s supposed to be unpolished. Delaying 6 days for polishing is dumb.

You get a attribute point for every level up to 50. Also perk cards that can be allocated for each one of those points. So if you find that you want different perks, you need to reshuffle the points. Up to this point people couldn’t respect at all.
Some of my guild wanted to shift things around, and they are not going to be happy about needing even more levels to do so. Some are already close to 100

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Thanks shal. Same to you.

Yeah, they are drunk. Hopefully it’s worth it and feels better when you return and can try it.

Oh that sucks. What is the max level on that game? Do you want to change stuff too?

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forums finally back up, yay.


A G’huun gif of them doing that…

well i guess someone is having a… G’huud time there.

Swiggity Swooty, Comin’ for that looty.

i was thinking they might have fixed posting without a sub since a couple threads about it cropped up

but nope, I can still post :v

is your account frozen on bnet?

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yep. no sub, no game time. still postin’