GD Lounge # Reforged

/Stuffs in backpack.

/Peeks out of backpack

Hey there bella, how are you today?

And there is more stress until at least 4pm.

too bad. Its give me your lunch money tuesday now.

Hmmm what’s going on today? New tests?



Going over the scan from last week. That’s the stress…they pushed my pirate game into next week. When I won’t have a computer.
That was my focus to keep me from freaking out, now that’s gone.

That sucks, I was hoping you would get to play it soon.

Hmm so they will tell you what the scan reveals at 4?

/Holds with affection

Yea they switched the date at like 2am. The countdown timer went from two days, to eight.

Well they will tell my parents, and they will tell me.

We should shake our fists at them. Anything else you’d be interested in playing?

I See, I hope for the best.

Any meal that calms your nerves now?

my name is not Tacos

never called you tacos.
i just want tacos…

i have tacos. but its mine

steals tacos

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

stab everyone in my sight

replaces highpaws weaponry with sticks of butter

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beat everyone in my sight with the stick of butter

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well it’s less dangerous than what i thought…

but i have no doubt people will flee in terror from a panda slapping butter on people.

i will cover you in butter

hands tacos back