GD Lounge # Reforged

I don’t make that kind of money.

I’m telling medusa on you for that…

Oh yea lots of npcs and sea monsters ranging from giant sharks to old god sized entities that will probably take 50 ships to take down.

Is that wrong, should I stop doing that?

Reminds me of his demonkin skin in HoTS.
I have a lot of events already, and more on the way. Got to fight giant teddy bears starting on Thursday over in the super hero game, and then Friday is the start of the ESO event. I already have all the event tickets so I can get the last feather for my Kirin as soon as the event starts…I feel like there is something else too on the 14th…

Fair enough. I’d say the same but you couldn’t even find that here so I never knew the price even hah.

She doesn’t look too happy.

Oh that sounds fun, does the game have a story?

It’s okay if its bad people.

True, that would also be good in OW.
So much stuff. Giant teddy bears… why?

I’m sure I could find it if I tried, I just don’t wanna.

You called her sour grapes.

It might, I haven’t set foot in it so all I can say is what the little tidbits have revealed. I mean this was so under the radar that it only was just sighted at all last Friday. All the news is in the last four days.

Anyone I thought dynamite at is probably bad.

I’m not sure why Clarence hates people. Villainous toy reasons I’m sure.

Yeah, is not something I’d have curiosity about either.

In a good way.

It’s a big surprise then. Glad you got something to get hyped. Any other cool news?

Most likely, so that’s good.

Clarence is the king of teddy bears? so did you reach max level there yet?

On the topic of fish I should eat that tuna salad.


Mesa prime over in Warframe. I mean those are what I’m hyped for right now, Pirates more hype by a large margin.

Well anyone on the other team is automatically bad.

Not max level yet, it takes some time.
I think he’s some kind of angry mech bear.

Unless it’s gone bad, you should definitely eat it.

/Nibbles /Nibbles that vampirelf

Sounds like fun stuff. Glad it’s coming so soon.

That’s true, if they weren’t evil they wouldn’t have chosen the other team.

Mmm reminds me of this 

So what are you up to?

I was leveling, now I’m cooking dinner for my parents and trying not to faceplant.
It’s cold and dark, and I just want to be asleep.


Good luck with Dinner. Hope you enjoy it and rest well today.

Thinking about throwing myself the big dinosaur-themed party I always wanted as a kid but never got to have. Complete with dinosaur themed movies, toy dinosaurs, those chicken nuggets, dinosaur bone dirt cups, herbivore-themed vegetable dishes, carnivore-themed meat dishes, cute party games, balloons, and of course a huge dino cake…now there’s an idea.


slowly steals a poptart

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/slaps your hand with my giant poptart hands
/screams when you bite off my hands
/grows my normal hands back

Posting in largest lounge thread for WoW. \o/


steal pants

Tell me a joke please.

Best Lounge but not yet, the previous record was over 5000 posts when we reached around 204 pages.

digs into bags and puts on another pants
thank goodness i keep extra pairs…

steal pants

puts on another pair of pants
you pandas love taking my pants…

at least take me on a date first!

Want to go on a date?
steal pants

Did i do it right?

The date has to be accepted and then done…

than the pants maybe taken.
just not kept