GD Lounge # Reforged

(Wixlyn) #3537

I was leveling, now I’m cooking dinner for my parents and trying not to faceplant.
It’s cold and dark, and I just want to be asleep.

(Averyx) #3538


Good luck with Dinner. Hope you enjoy it and rest well today.

(Wyomee) #3539

Thinking about throwing myself the big dinosaur-themed party I always wanted as a kid but never got to have. Complete with dinosaur themed movies, toy dinosaurs, those chicken nuggets, dinosaur bone dirt cups, herbivore-themed vegetable dishes, carnivore-themed meat dishes, cute party games, balloons, and of course a huge dino cake…now there’s an idea.

(Hawkéns) #3540

slowly steals a poptart

(Gnarlsbeth) #3541

/slaps your hand with my giant poptart hands
/screams when you bite off my hands
/grows my normal hands back


Posting in largest lounge thread for WoW. \o/


steal pants


Tell me a joke please.

(Averyx) #3545

Best Lounge but not yet, the previous record was over 5000 posts when we reached around 204 pages.

(Hawkéns) #3546

digs into bags and puts on another pants
thank goodness i keep extra pairs…

(Highpaws) #3547

steal pants

(Hawkéns) #3548

puts on another pair of pants
you pandas love taking my pants…

at least take me on a date first!

(Highpaws) #3549

Want to go on a date?
steal pants

Did i do it right?

(Hawkéns) #3550

The date has to be accepted and then done…

than the pants maybe taken.
just not kept


Hi :raising_hand_woman:

(Highpaws) #3552

How do i complete my pants collection then?

(Hawkéns) #3553

Why are you making a collection of my pants?!??!

(Highpaws) #3555

Because why not?

(Hawkéns) #3556

( ° ͜ʖ °)

takes a step back slowly

(Highpaws) #3557

Im everywhere