Gauntlets of Valor and Pitchfork for sale (Unobtainable)

Both are currently unobtainable and I’d love to sell these to anyone who’s interested! Serious offers only, please! Thank you <3

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Tummsy Fitchpork wants to know how much you want for that pitchfork? I propose you just let me borrow it for a while.

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Well, the only price point I can find for it is the Undermine Journal, being 750k but I’m open to offers. Not expecting anything crazy.

I’m afraid my salary as a Level 2 Portal Technician Specialist isn’t going to allow me to purchase said pitchfork from you. Last time I borrowed money for something like this I got wrapped up in a situation with some goblins… you know the kind.

Anyways best of luck to you in your endeavor. You have a great day now!

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You too, ty!