Gathering node ninjas

Not really ninjas but almost everyday when I’m gathering someone will come up to a node/fishing hole I’m in the middle of using and start gathering. When did that become acceptable?

I remember the “good ol’ days” where if someone did that they got /spit on and called out. Did that change after Wrath or was I just on polite servers?

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Start building a blacklist with evidence and it will stop really quick, people don’t understand the gravity of their reputation in Classic :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’ve always just shrugged it off and moved on, even back in vanilla. Usually when I’m out resource gathering I’m dedicating a half hour + to doing so and one or two lost nodes compared to a dozen or more gathered never really bothered me.

I will sit in mid-looting animation all “I got all day, buddy.” :rofl:


It’s possible that some players don’t know or remember that nodes function differently in classic than on retail servers. As for the fishing pools, well, there’s really not much excuse for that one. I try to let it roll off my back, but I definitely see why it would irritate you, OP.

I get the feeling that there’s a small subset of our population that just doesn’t play nice with others, and that more than a few of them won’t be around much longer.

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always fun to say “Well that’s one less person I’ll tank for”

It’s just to feel better at the time. I have the memory of a goldfish with a concussion


If I’m fighting a mob to get to a mining node, I don’t mind if someone gets a single tap on it for skill-up, as long as they leave me the rest of the node, and love when people allow me to do the same. :slight_smile:

I always ask, if I see someone fighting near a node: “Miner?”
If yes or no, I’ll help them if needed, otherwise I’ll mine then be on my merry way.
I also ask if someone minds my skinning their kill(s)
It really doesn’t hurt to be polite


A fishing spot isn’t yours.

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If by any chance I pass by a node contested I hit it once and go unless it’s a small thorium and then I proceed to ask if I could skill up on it.

I don’t fish and maybe you do a lot more gathering than I do, but I haven’t had this happen even once. A few times I have raced someone to a node, sure. But while using one…no.

I only do this to the opposite faction, with the express purpose of being a jerk.

That being said, this behavior is nothing new. I played this game back in 2004, and people did the same kinds of things back then. In fact, the only difference I see in Classic from Vanilla is that generally people are MORE polite than they ever were back in the day, possibly due to the perception/belief that people were kinder back in Vanilla.

I guess if you’re going to admit that you’re a jerk, you should always do so on your BfA character on a Classic forum to show you’re also courageous. I have had no problems with my own faction ninja’ing a node, but I have had Horde players steal herbs while I was literally fighting a mob on top of it. It didn’t stop me from taking time out from my fight to spit on him though.

Actually, the explanation is a lot simpler–I was too lazy to change characters. You, however, are so stunning and brave for “calling me out”, lol. I should thank you though, because the thought of you on the other end getting that butt-hurt when someone takes your node is definitely giving me a good laugh. So thank you.

Thank you. I’ve noticed this too. You woulda gotten schooled back in the day for doing that. Better yet, is when you’re obviously fighting mobs to get to the node & the entitleds ninja it. That’s classy…

necro… but when a lvl 57 rogue ninjas the herb node my lvl 50 prot warrior was fighting a mob on top of, I just blacklist the entire guild he was from and won’t tank a pug dungeon with them. I have a really long kill time in order to get to the node, and even longer memory, Dragooner of Infernal.

It’s typical coming from the allies, im used to it now

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Same, if you’re Horde, I will bend over backwards for you.

If you’re Alliance, I will do everything I can to keep you from getting the mats. You are a plague on Azeroth that needs to be wiped from existence.