Gaming Keyboard for WoW?

Alright so I found a good match for what i’m trying to do.’

First off the Corsair K100 KGB has to be the most luxurious keyboard i’ve ever come across. Feels very solid, yet soft and has a fantastic lighting display.

Ultimately though, the extra buttons on the left felt like they got in the way of my natural hand placement. The function keys were also a hair too far away to access reasonably.

The Keychron had a decent lighting display, but the switches felt way too loose, and I somehow missed that it had a command key where ALT should have been.

The Epomaker ended up feeling the best. The function keys are extremely easy to reach, opening up many of my traditional key binds. There is no lighting or wireless functionality, but boy this keyboard felt like it fit my left hand like a properly sized glove.

The Cherry Browns are ok, but having experienced em, I’m leaning towards MX Cherry Silent Blacks for a smoother and quieter feel.

I wouldn’t mind the keyboard being larger, but only if it keeps the ease of access to the function row. It makes no sense to me why standard keyboards pull the function row so far away from the number row.

So now i’m looking for something in the same style as the Epomaker, but with stiffer keys, mx silent black switches and a higher overall quality closer to that of the corsair k100


I have these keyboards

Logitech G910 (faulty keys)
Corsair K70 Lux RGB (MX Brown)
Corsair K70 Mk.2 Rapidfire Low Profile (MX Speed)
Alienware AW768

Corsair K70 Brown gives me the best overall experience. Alienware AW768 comes second.

Mk.2 LP is very fast but very prone to accidental presses. Its good for games that requires rapid key presses like rhythm games.

Logitech G910 is meh. Some of the keys already hard to press and double register keystrokes. Its faulty.

I use a cheapo Ajazz AK33 Geek 75% with F1-F12 keys and black switches. Pairs well in WoW with my G600.

I use a Das Keyboard. Great mechanical keyboard without any of the fancy schmancy lights and macro buttons. Just a standard layout. The newer models have a metal chassis (used to be plastic), and oddly enough there is a ruler magnetically attached that acts as feet.

Worth a look.

I have the Razer Huntsman Elite on my desk right now with purple switches. It’s a happy medium between the ultra fast red ones and something like, say, an MX Blue.

I used a Corsair K70 with MX Speeds before and I don’t think I could go back to it. Cherry switches feel kind of scratchy to me after using these opto-mechanical ones.

I’m interested in the K100 but having tried the linear red Huntsman I’m not sure I want something quite that sensitive actuation-wise. Admittedly the aesthetics of the board are probably what I like more than anything. I’m not immune to the call of RGB, which Razer and Corsair both have in spades.

I also have a HyperX Alloy Origins with their custom Aqua switches, which are silent and tactile and really fantastic. Its biggest weakness though is that HyperX’s Ngenuity software makes Synapse look waaaaay better in comparison.

I have the Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White with brown switches and works fine for wow.