Games of Old

Anyone remember the old days when you put in a floppy disk and pounded out a win. One of the first MUD games I ever played. You gave a player commands in a house and you could go from room to room. You had to do some guess work and in the end read a novel and answer some questions. But it took a long time and some help along the way. I can’t remember what that game was called. Anyone remember?

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Was it all command line based, or was it like Rogue or Nethack? Also, was it truly a MUD (multi-user dungeon, the ancient predecessor to today’s MMOs)?

My first ever RPG I think was a Dungeons and Dragons game. Warriors of the Eternal Sun or Eye of the Beholder. One of those.

First one I ever beat on my own with zero help from my parents was Betrayal at Krondor.

Grew up on Baldur’s Gate (Xan best boy).

Do any of you fetuses recognize a single title I just mentioned?

Sadly IDK what game OP is thinking of, the only MUD I played was Colossal Cave Adventure

Sounds familiar but I can’t think of a name.

I used to run several BBS systems. Had a bunch of door games, message boards, file downloads and people dialing in from all over the world.

Right there with you Aiyako …

shakes her cane at all the young whippersnappers

I remember when personal computers came out, I was much younger then and didn’t think much about it.

I wish I had, wish I’d seen a glimmer of the future that would be, but it is what it is.

No, Idk what game that was OP. I had limited interest in computers back then.

ZORK! and Blades of Exile! those were the days.

I think about the old days a lot.

I remember purchasing Galacticomm MajorBBS software and installing it on a 386 SX 16 computer (at first) and a comm port extender so It could hold up to 16 simultaneous BBS callers at the same time. Back then we used phone lines cause the internet didn’t boom for us yet.

Later on when the internet boomed all communication channels and modems replaced with a single Ethernet card and telnet become the norm.

Ah BBS games. Remember Legend of the Red Dragon?

I racked up $400 on phone charges on a number I thought was “local” but was in fact long distance playing that game.

Dad was PISSED lol


I remember having to type stuff like that into autoexec.bat and config.sys thinking it would increase fps

I remember having to use DOS just to launch games.