Gamers’ Choice Awards Nomination

As opposed to this endeavour by the blue here trying to unfairly swing votes in Blizz’s favour?

So we’re even then.

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I support the art and the music teams. BfA is absolutely gorgeous and engaging.

The Story and Mechanics teams absolutely dumped on the expansion, though.


Thanks for posting a link for me to vote for Final Fantasy; I just love that game!


Methinks this needs a bump. And don’t forget to vote FInal Fantasy!


I wonder how votes will come from Acti-Blizzard employees being “Strongly encouraged” to vote by management.

Yeah that’s not a thing. I can’t speak for any other companies but I’ve never seen this at Blizzard nor have I actually heard anyone else in the industry being told to do this. Also, I’d like to think I would refuse if asked, but I’ve never been in the scenario :man_shrugging:

Like a bunch of posters pointed out earlier in the thread, I didn’t ask you to vote for us. I said vote for your favorite. If you think those other games are your favorite then vote for them. I can’t tell you what your favorite game is.

Strange, I still see it on the list. Did you try another browser?

Trust me, none of your reactions are ever a surprise to me. I can pretty much call how any post will go.

I wouldn’t feel bad in the slightest if XIV won. They have their issues as well but its a great game. I actively play both so :man_shrugging:


OOO LOL i got the Gamers’ Choice Awards mixed up with The Game Awards. The two were are so similar in names that i got them mixed up, i apologize.


if you provided info on the game and future items rather than fluff i’d think you’d be surprised.

See class balance and class fun one of the biggest underlying issues to this xpac.


this game in it’s current state deserves no rewards.


Delusional. No one should vote for anything blizzard has made in the last 5 years. Garbage D3 Garbage Wow Expacs. Hope you lose


Can we explicitly exclude BFA from this? BFA is not a choice for just about everyone.

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Votes for literally anyone else. Nothing personal kid ~ Shaman community.


You’re absolutely right on all fronts, and then some. Only problem is, it’s just a spoke on the wheel of cohesive gameplay.

If only the standard of other aspects of the game matched the world building and music team…

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People who are unhappy do not want that at all. What they want is for activision to go back to the vision that they ruined. So once again WOW will become the great immersive game it once was.


ever?! damn that sounds boring. also sounds like a challenge :wink:


Challenge Accepted?

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Exactly. I want the game I used to love playing be what it once was (even with new stuff). This current dev team is destroying what was fun - they’re the problems. I doubt anyone wants the game servers to crash and burn and become unavailable.


You couldn’t get facts straight in a narrow hallway.

i actually am loving wow rn. I longed for the days of raid logging. It wasnt easy to do in legion with all the grinding necessary. The neck doesn’t provide hardly anything and isn’t worth going any more.

So is this a fan voted event like the People’s Choice Awards? The same PCA that acknowledges that they can change the winner if they want?