Gamer Girls Discord

Updated June 5, 2022 - Yes we are still active. Please comment if you join! Every bump helps :slight_smile:

We’re looking for more LADIES to join our girl gamers community and discord! 18+ please!

WoW Community:

WoW and former-Wow players welcome alike :slight_smile: Truth be told, if you are not female but still reading, we are inclusive, everyone IS welcome. It is a safe space for everyone and toxic language/behavior is strictly not permitted.

We’re a non-toxic community with plenty of opt-in channels. We play different games together, lately DBD and party games are most popular. Would love more friends to play WoW with!

You MUST add or msg me on disc (Saxx#5438) so I can verify you to give permissions. We’ve had too many fakes come in, this is how we verify. Thanks. /7ZP5NRknhs (remove the space)



hell ye bb.

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^.^ Seriously tho!

Would love to have friends to play with especially other girls. New to World of Warcraft ^.^


Awesome - I run the girl community and an M+ one as well, you’re welcome to both.

Add me Saxx#5438

I would like to join : )

send an add! Saxx#5438 on disc =)

Tossed you a fr

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Omg I’m new to Wow…looking for a small new casual home [Area52], most guilds are HUGE and scare me lol. I would love to be a part of something :upside_down_face: I wont be able to get on until tonite after work and haven’t received my new headset yet, will regular headphones work??


Very happy to have you!
Our guild is on A-52 too actually!

Im just getting back into the game hardcore and could use some fellow females! Sent a fr on discord!

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Awesome!! Added and messaged ya!

growing a little, would love to ‘see’ new faces =)

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looking to grow a little for pre-patch week :smiley:

Sent you a friend request on Discord. Hoping to find other ladies to play with =)

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Creepy guy here, interested in getting in that discord.



haha, hey you can join our M+ one instead =)

I just added you! Recently left my guild due to inactivity. I also had a baby last year so i’m indulging in my own hobbies. Would LOVE to have some new ladies to chat with :slight_smile:

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Such a pleasure playing with you tonight!! So glad you reached out - hope more do the same!!

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Hello! Recently returned to WOW after a few years absence. Would LOVE to connect with other gamer girls!