Gamer dad needs that RDF

Clearly the solution is to put your kids to work spamming the lfg channel for you while you take care of other things.

Or use the group finder tool they’re adding…while you farm/quest/talktrashintrade/etc…

Which pings you when someone applies to your group.


Pretty sure the “need RDF” group is just convinced we’re getting the LFG channel and the group finder tool from TBC…

nothing else exists. (or they just refuse to acknoledge it exists because it serves the same function, just not automated with a teleport.)


We’re talking about five mans here, who cares? It’s not as if we’re advocating for LFR, we’re talking about five mans. It is not the main end game content. I agree with your point in reference to raids and raid gear but five mans are a lower level of content and should be more accessible.


Here’s a better idea: use the actual tool that was in Wrath. Not some Retail abomination that doesn’t address the toxic gatekeeping plaguing the system.


It’s frankly disingenuous to rely on the argument of:


There will be a tool available:

The argument of chat spam is simply disinformation, or one of pure ignorance…

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Yes yes this tool they’re working on. Hopefully it’ll be good, though maybe it’ll be like the tool in tbc that no one used. I’ve seen plenty of posts about issues with it so we’ll see.

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It’s something that’s a hell of a lot better than chat spam, which has been an extremely disingenuous (and quite frankly idiotic) argument.

As you’ve read, a random dungeon finder removes social consequences from someone who is not willing to commit to a dungeon. It is far better to have a tool that helps the player to specifically bypass the “chat spam” of finding a group without further damaging an already fragile social ecosystem.

Please be aware, the first cash shop mount was released in the late stages of Wrath…

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We do. We care.

I really don’t understand why you voice any opinion on Wrath when you’ve said you have no plans to play it. Your opinions then don’t matter and just take up space.


It’s pretty much exactly LFR, but for Heroic Dungeons, so… :woman_shrugging:

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So are battlegrounds then. Better remove them!

Or maybe don’t troll? No one is bringing up LFR except the anti-lfd trolls as a ridiculous strawman argument.

Garrisons suck, so Wrath shouldn’t have dungeon finder! That would also be a similar troll statement.

Youre confusing RDF with cross realms. RDF only enhances the server community. Cross realm destroys it

I appreciate your levelheaded post and only disagree with the quoted portion.

It’s tough to hear when one has goals they would like to achieve but has obligations that come first which at times interfere with gaming. I believe you can play an MMO - this MMO specifically - but will need to re-evaluate those ambitions for the game. You can play sporadically but may not be able to dungeon/raid consistently. Adjusting expectations can be a letdown but if you love this game and want to play in Northrend again that may be your only solution for now, Darkdad. Find a guild if you don’t already have one and share your scheduling challenges and I bet you’ll find others in the same boat.

I hope you will be there.
Very much commend your patience and good nature in this thread while asking for RDF. I’m still hoping they add it at some point - maybe with the ICC content drop as in the first go round.

True, I seem to have misspoke as the OP can absolutely play with the tools provided, but can choose not to play if they feel so strongly against RDF.

I had thought they were separate things as well because that’s what I remembered from when Wrath wasn’t classic…

but when it was introduced in 3.3… it started with being cross-realm like BGs.
“Within Battlegroup”

If they brought back RDF but kept it intra-server, I wouldn’t be nearly as put off by it. (Though I would still prefer retail’s system where I don’t have to vote-boot a known ninja/griefer and can just avoid bringing them in the first place.

Yes it is the same type of system, but five mans are completely different content from raids.

It was only in Wrath when the ICC dungeons were released, so for true classic experience it should only be enabled in that phase anyways.

Exactly. LFR is not the current raids with random people. LFR is a new raid type created to be much easier so that anyone can do it. If LFR was just a way of putting together 25 strangers to do 25 man ICC you’re going to have a bad time. Whereas you can very easily assemble any 5 people to do any wotlk dungeons/heroic dungeons easily. One is meant to be puggable pick up and play easy content. The other is meant to be the top tier endgame content.

Yes, incredibly easy. Especially with the Looking for Dungeon tool, which defeats the purpose for the common criticism of having to chat spam.

Imagine that!

Wrath is not starting with RDF (for good reason), but it is coming with the tools to easily form groups.