Game is freezing when alt-tabbing

so, i came back to the game recently after quitting in August and i’ve noticed that my game started to freeze when alt-tabbing, and it won’t fix itself until i alt-tab back and forth to fix it. it wasn’t doing this back before i quit either.

i was curious if anyone could have any way to fix this issue?

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3060 with latest drivers
CPU: Ryzen 7 5600H
RAM: 32 GB 3200 MHz

I would take a look at your Windows Event Viewer under Windows system logs and see what’s happening in the background when alt-tabbing. It’s likely something is either taking over the memory that WoW would sit in, or there is a permission issue.

hmm, which section would i look under in event viewer to see this information?

That is the section. Windows Logs > System

I have a few computers and only the AMD processor has issues. The other ones work fine, even with the ones with lesser performance.
Wow just works with GeForce and intel better

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