Game horrible optimization/ server issues? UI bugs?

So sick and tired of constant disconnects, UI malfunctions, keybind resets, crashes. The game is a jumbled mess of interactions that are creating bugs and strange moments. I hope this stuff gets fixed soon cus its starting to get old. FPS drops…

Flawed solo shuffle system. The back end of this game is baddddd

I hear ya, but this isn’t a complaint forum. That’s General Discussion.

This is where folks come for technical help. If you’d like to provide technical specifics (needs to go beyond just stating a list) then perhaps folks here can help you out.

If you’re 100% convinced there’s nothing wrong on your end, that’s fine, but again that would then just be a complaint - not a request for help - and goes in General.

But to begin to address your issues:

  • Constant disconnects: We’d need to troubleshoot your internet connection. Reboot your PC first (power cycle on/off), then do the same to all your internet hardware. Then peruse the sticky (Common Technical Issues and Solutions) and provide further information on your connection.

  • UI malfunctions can normally be solved by a complete UI reset, which is quick, easy and completely reversible, if it doesn’t help and you want your old UI back. Follow the steps here (including the advanced CVAR reset) and then report back on those results:

  • Keybind resets and/or other incidents of keybinds not saving are most commonly solved by making sure you’re exiting the game properly (no Alt+F4 quitting). If that doesn’t work, you might navigate to your wow installation path, right click on the folder, and make sure to un check the read only checkbox. You might also try running the launcher and/or the game as administrator, by right-clicking and choosing that option when you launch the game. If these changes have no effect, you’ll need to report back.

  • "Crashes" can and will be caused by any number of different issues, and someone here will need to probably look at a crash report to see what’s causing that. Peruse the sticky for the info needed to troubleshoot crashes, then post that here.

Good luck.

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