Game feedback from casual but not lazy players, who never come to forums

My discord blew up today over the darndest thing - I posted a link to all the possible consumes for p3 that the wow community has put together here:

My intent was an easy go-to list, but in retrospect, think I just triggered people. Anyway, wanted to post some heated feedback on the game coming from the average player.

I’ve never experienced another mmo that has the same level of consumables/pre-buffs. Often MMOs nowadays have a food buff or maybe another one too. I do find it a little wild just how many different things on the buff screen you can wander into raid with. World buffs, food buffs, potions, DMF, song flower… it’s a little silly lol. Thank goodness for ui adjustments to differentiate the raid buffs and in combat buffs.
Needed food buffs, weapon coatings (per weapon), defensive potion, sharpening stones, … felt pretty nutty too.  Didn’t have world buff system tho. I HATE the world buff system. For the record.
Everything in NW lasted through death tho, which was super nice.
Boss/raid mechanics are much easier to read in FFXIV just through their game design. Much more gradual ramp up in difficulty too. Relieves a lot of the stress on the raid community imo 
Seasonal population balance is completely f***.
Nobody wants to raid for 8 hours a night, not even 2.
The biggest issue with this phase is that, for the first time, major BIS items are gated behind extremely low drop rates or crappy rep grinds resulting in unobtainable BIS. I basically made a decision this week that I am not going to dump the time required to farm 4000g to buy Darkmoon cards, or a stupid effing dagger, or anything else for that matter. If I don't enjoy what I am doing I am not going to do it. And if that means I can't parse well because of it, well then that's not a viable long-term option for me.
I came back to SOD because it seemed aimed at delivering a WoW experience on a "hey I have 3 kids and am almost 40 now" schedule. It has consistently drifted away from that with every phase.
I am not going to let WoW use their crappy economics and skinner box wizardry to get me to piss my time away running repetitive cycles and content when there are other games to be played, things to do, fun to be had.
Grinding incursions, wild growth, and dumb locations runes are why I’m taking a break. 
It’s a casual game, but you can't enjoy it casually because they add hardcore elements like consumes that the playerbase makes it impossible to ignore. 

LFG looking at logs. 
The game died for me when they killed chaos bolt. They sent a strong message that they don't care about anyone but retail players and streamers.
I want to compete on skill, not on how much free f*** time I have to piss into incurison loops, camping crap, or grinding the same mobs/horrific BGs for hours.
Why do you think so many warlocks are pissed
Pissed as well as semi banned
There was a warlock exploit and 100s of warlocks took advantage of it
So now there's a ton of warlocks banned from 1 day to 1 month
Because their bis tank weapon / fire weapon is locked behind gel scar portals
Which takes on average 666 portals to close which if you afk all the portals 1 portal / 20 minutes
Or actively farming 1 portal / 10 minutes
To 100 hours average to get it
this game is just more bait for the retail player base to feed their 20 year gaming addiction. it is not a healthy game for normal people
GM: Our guild is not forcing any consumeable requirements
Player: Oh yeah. But it’s kind of where the conversation was going
Even if the guild doesn’t force it. Social pressure from hardcore players can become the factor. Look all around you - nothing matters but parses. Look at every guild recruitment message on realm discord. They are all about parses and clear times. I'm done. The smoke and mirrors aren't working anymore.
I hope incursions are massively changed going forward they’ve wrecked p3 for me
I'm tired of a triple A game company requiring 50 mods to make the game playable

Wow that took a lot of editing to get rid of banned words lol.


None of those comments existed here

I am happy you brought a plethora of pedantic peoples posts about problems with blizzard’s products

I have never heard them

Thankfully you have alleviated me from my ignorance.

Bless you bro

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This isn’t the place to spam your Discord.


Thanks - I figured at least it might give people a good chuckle or at worst, incite violence.

It will probably just die though.

The world buffs have to go, and the consume meta needs tweaking. I understand it’s great for a healthy profession economy, but I’m sure it can be streamlined somehow.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get world buffs.

Ok so assuming we do both, what is left to do in the world? There’s no consumes, no wbuffs to get, pvp ranking was distilled down into a couple BMs, gold farming is incursions or nothing. I’m starting to think you just don’t want to be playing a video game.

One can hope.

Farm for mats and things to sell, literally exactly what everyone did in vanilla. Also, do prep work for phase 4 quest log. World PvP. Alts.

If there’s no consumes what is there to farm for? Also, keep in mind that an arcane crystal costs 50g, and you get 50g from an hour of incursions.

People who want bags, and gear and food and progression on their professions etc etc

The best course of action is to get rid of lockouts as they are done now. That’s the root of the issue, and pretty much all the other issues surrounding wow’s toxic culture. People want to make sure they ace their one attempt.

Just get rid of the lockouts and put a cap on how many raid BoPs you can get for a week and then people won’t feel the need to do boring time-consuming busy work prerequisites for their one shot.

You do have a point but that is also the sad state of gaming.

It is year 2024 and the most creative thing that a game studio can come up with is world buffs and consumes?

We are so starved for content that we eat crap every day.

They could add real pvp objectives and events. They could add world bosses. Escort quests that are pvp oriented. King of the hill. Random spawns. Tap into the enormous world that largely goes unused.

Look at ESO - how the hades do they keep people in the open world so much, and they don’t even have open world pvp. Their world is very rich.

But I get it - they are building on top of a game written in the 90s. So they have extraordinary limitations on top of the usual corporate America driven ones.

But people don’t really find this stuff fun - its just the only thing to do. Or so, that seems to be a theme.

I play wow because its were my peeps are and so in that way, I’m gracious to have it.

Thanks, I enjoyed your post immensely.