Game crashes

I have an issue, I just created a character, to do WOD, I just have my Garrison, and trying to go to the shipyard and the game keeps disconnecting

All addons are deactivated
When I try to reconnect, it auto disconnects with the following
You have been disconnected from the server

I cannot even delete this newly made character either. None of the fixes listed for this issue work.

What can I do ?

I have a similar problem with garrison seems to be a no go zone. this problem has been ongoing.

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Still broken.
Character is as of now not playable.
Telling us to not go out North side of garrison is way too late by the time we find anything in Forums.
Put some pre expansion barracades that kept us locked in the Dalaran inn during “tripping the rifts event” at the North exit from allie garrison.

Same issue for me. Was just questing in broken isles and now get auto-disconnected on entering game world. I believe I was existing a building or cave or something. Cannot use main character anymore at this point :confused:

I got kicked while I was in Darkmoon faire and can not log back in

This is making the game unplayable. I have tried everything in settings. it is not my network.

there is a known issue between the garrison and shipyard. you will want to use the character unstuck feature and avoid that area in the future

Blizzard Support - Contact Support (

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