Gallywix caught selling runs for real money

Honestly I am surprised they don’t send in “spies” to buy runs with the services that only accept real world money and bust everyone involved in the run. Do that a couple of times and players will stop taking the risk, then the services dies out.

I actually got mine off ARD lol, i felt dirty but I wanted a dragon and I don’t pug :stuck_out_tongue:

Simply put, there’s no way that carry ads would be even half as numerous as they are if it were all for gold only. There’s way more shady stuff going on than anybody acknowledges.

It’s time for Blizz to put in a dedicated carry finder, complete with its own dedicated, fully traceable, in-game payment system. Do anything carry related outside of carry finder and you get a one month ban automatically.

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Since I’ll be one of their “main streamers” come shadowlands I’ll probably start doing a lot more community events.

E.g., if 15s are IL cap, I’ll carry 4 people at a time through 10s.

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Dude the adverts were for gold only it was people at the top who were getting 100s of millions a cycle and found it piling up. You underestimate how much gold you need to play at top end especially M+

We know, it’s pinned at the top of these forums… :man_facepalming:

Man carries without TD are going to be so much less fun as a tank :frowning:


True. I haven’t dug into SL info but hopefully the legendaries are fun

TBF though, TD is broken AF lol

We aren’t raiding at the moment so just doing M+ and my TDs are nasty.

Either way, there’s no good reason to leave carries in their current semi-gray area. Blizz needs to go all in and support them with appropriate UI, regulation, etc if they’re going to allow them. Everybody benefits from a dedicated carry finder.

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Yes but it let’s me do over 100k and straight carry runs so I’m willing to overlook that :stuck_out_tongue:

Semi grey? They flat out said they’re ok as long as you advert in trade, and limit it to gold.

Anything players do that the game itself doesn’t have its own support systems for is fuzzy and hard to control. That’s not always a problem, but in this case I think it is, and that’s what I’m talking about.

Sure I can agree with that but a lot of the big money stuff wasn’t 15 carries. For example lord of war requires 14 other people with a rank 3 glad sanctum. Now you could work on finding those people or pay 750k and have it done that night. PvP boosting specific rank 4s like queen hell herald of the titans were also big.

They also took specialized characters and setup like this one that wouldn’t be supported by an in game ui.

This was inevitable.
Personally I think if you wanna sell runs, you should have to do it yourself, not via a third party group.
As for people getting “caught up” in runs that were paid for in real money, that’s the risk they took working with these groups.

You can’t keep stolen property irl just because you didn’t know it was stolen, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Blizzard apply a similar mindset to the bans that will come from this.
How would you prove the people doing the carries didn’t get any real money at the end of the day?

I mean, how do you prove anything like that at all? How do you prove someone bought gold for real money?

How do you prove they DID get real money for carries? Even if someone comes out “yup, totally paid them 250 bucks for n’zoth”, it’s just he said she said.

That’s a fair point, but obviously some people are getting caught.
I just think it would be much harder to prove innocence if you’re linked in any way to one of these real money sales.

Good. Legit or not, even if they did charitable runs from time to time, their services where hella overpriced.

I mean, unless we know how blizzard is catching them it’s just speculation. It could all be he said she said