Gain the Winds of Wisdom 50% Experience Buff

you can’t turn it off.

I chose ESO until the buff goes away or I can turn it off.

Yes please. If I could avoid SL at this point that’d be great.


Thanks for this!

so people say 2 weeks, but where does it say that?

It takes a bit of digging to get the info. In the Buff article it states it starts on with Tues reset on the 19th.

Beginning this week with each region’s local weekly reset, World of Warcraft* players level 10-59 will gain an experience buff called “Winds of Wisdom,” which will increase experience gains by 50%!

Don’t delay. The winds will shift once more with the start of Shadowlands Season 4, and the experience buff will no longer be available.

Then it ends with the start of Season 4. So I went to the pinned post about Season 3 ending which usually tells us when 4 starts. Shadowlands Season 3 Ending Soon

Season 4 will begin with the weekly reset the week of August 2.

It is NOT obvious at all so don’t feel bad you missed the info!

My take on this is that I am rather pleased. I got the Allied race requirements done a few months ago but had not really focused on leveling the alts for Herritage Armor. Got the Void Elf done yesterday. Kul Tiran druid will be next I think. Then adoreable Vulpera!


I am all lvl out

I’m with you. My main and my alts have been lvl 60 since last year.

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I play for the story and I am now done with it

Excellent! Im liking the retail buffs, imo classic is doo doo :hear_no_evil:

Just keep the 50% buff going until Dragonflight comes out.


Here come all the classic kids crying!

Is this buff working? I am not getting the 50% bonus experience during story line quests in Shadowlands. Is this limited to tunes 50 and below?

I honestly feel the same way, if they aren’t going to update ZM and let it lag behind, then at least give me something else to do. Can I level alts without the buff, yes, but SL leveling always feels like such a slog that I almost always get a character to 50 then lose all drive to level anymore. This buff has made the leveling so fast that I don’t care if SL leveling sucks, it doesn’t feel like a slog atm.

This would be a better solution, but we know they won’t do that so keep the XP buff going until DF pre-patch, and let us blast through the SL slog.


Exactly! It’s fun to have a buff and it gives me more incentive to level alts for things. Without it, why should I keep my sub until DF?


That is kind of how my friends and I are feeling currently, and we have all been subbed pretty consistently since Cata with small breaks of maybe a month once each between the three of us.

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Ok so those of us on Classic, at least on OCE, the XP boost has been introduced. The buff is called “Joyous Journeys”.

I, along with many others, assume you guys are doing what you did in BFA - You’re announcing it for a short term, with plans to extend it until the prepatch as a way to say you’re “listening” to us.

However, please, if this is the intent, announce it now, not then.

I’m burning myself out trying to rush as many characters through leveling as I can, when if I knew it’d last until pre-patch, I’d take a relaxed approach and do other content as well.

Show us you’re actually listening by announcing it early. Don’t plan it from the get go to announce it after it’s about to run out. Listen to feedback and announce it now.


This is exactly how I’m starting to feel now as well. I don’t really have any plans to partake in season four so I was planning on leveling alts until DF but started to get burned out. This buff was a incentive to get my motivation back, but the fact it ends so quickly I am getting more annoyed than anything.


Lets GO…

Alts here we come

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