Future Server Connections

Likely not the proper forum for this, but I am curious if Steamwheedle Cartel-US is going to be connected to some other RP Servers in the future? It’s my home server and I’d love to play on it more, but it’s virtually dead :frowning:

We wouldn’t know about that unless or until it is announced, Dasati.

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Blizzard did announce a new round of server connections for low pop realms.
The last time they did this, the devs did a couple of servers and then announced a schedule of conversions.

I would imagine they will do it the same way this time around.

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The ones being done this week are in a stickie at the top of General Discussion.

Check the stickies there for the connections planned. So far they have not given a comprehensive list of planned connections. They have only given the ones being connected on the current week.

sorry for posting here, i don’t know if it’s the best place, the Brazilian forums don’t have much reach and we need more connections between realms.2 / 3 of our community plays in a single realm (azralon) as Horde, while the other 4 realms (nemesis,tol barad, goldrinn and gallywix) have become most Alliance and bad places to play. (weak economy and very few progressing guilds) it would be fantastic if Blizzard connected all 5 Brazilian realms or even the 4 that are in a worse state.

Hey Åstra,

This type of suggestion would be better in your realm forums, or in the General Discussion forums. The Customer Support team isn’t able to help with this.