Future Expansion Idea: The Void

In DC Comics, there’s a part of the multiverse called “The Void”. In The Void, all things that were retconned are still present there such as Red/Green Kryptonite or Jay Garrick gaining his powers via Hard Water Vapors. Does anyone else think it would be a fun idea to see some of the stuff that was removed from WoW return as an expansion? It could be presented as “The Titans ORIGINAL plans for Azeroth”.

I’m talking about the Timbermaw Hold Raid, Mount Hyjal Raid, Azshara Crater, Strand of the Ancients, removed recipes, removed weapons & armor, etc. I’m not saying return EVERYTHING like the Black Qiraj Resonating Crystal (I still think the Red Silithid should be able to be used anywhere and the Black Silithid also is a flying mount) and, as much as it hurts, Atiesh.

It would be a fun way to celebrate WoW’s rich history by bringing it back as an expansion under the guise of “Azeroth’s original blueprint” which was removed or changed. Not necessary to bring back areas changed in the Cataclysm like The Barrens (best chat ever).

Just a fun idea I thought

“Wow, Baine’s really badass and cool here, look at all these cutscenes”