Futa’s Bounty Board v1

Hey ya’ll. Not many people here but I wanted to send out a little self funded game for the weekend, so spread it around if you’d like. Gonna do a bounty payout for any “The Guard” Member killed. GM kills will be 1k per screenshot, guard captain to officer will be a 500g payout, lower members 100g each. I’ll run the board until Monday at 1:00 am EST. Just to gauge interest I’ll cash out each Bounty Hunter once per guard member, as farming bodies might make it a little annoying. Ganks are allowed, but must follow the previous rule, and only party leader will get paid out on that particular kill. I gotta keep my boys on their toes, they’ve grown fat on the complacency of big death squads. Board will open as soon as the summit ends tonight. Paid outs will be done Monday morning barring irl issues. Screenshots can be sent to my discord
“Hung Futanari#8657“
Happy Hunting!


I’ll be queueing from Goldshire all weekend!

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Sounds like ez $$$

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I approve this message

Is this where Admiral Ackbar pops up and yells…


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Hollyforest has heard the Drums of War

It’s time to take out the Minions Kiddies.
When and where will you see me? Guess you’ll have to find out on your own but I can’t wait to get some of that gold.

Bow Down to your Queen


No need for traps, we just kill you in Org

You sound like someone from ruin… LOL

500g… 1000g… I don’t get outta bed unless it’s over 50k buddy, get lost. Go pound sand.

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Shared it with FRC.

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I can understand your unwillingness. It’s the community small events like this try to knock the rust off of some people to dabble in a little pvp fun. Sometimes it’s a small push to get the momentum rolling, either by people taking part, or people starting other events. I’m sure somebody will create an event that even someone like you will be interested in at some point. :slight_smile:

You want 50k, then bring your scrub flavor of the month caster to warmode and get 50 kills. But, I understand if you’re scared to be humiliated by your incompetence and lack of skill.

The Salt is so real, feels like old times.
I don’t even need the gold and it’s not like there is anything on the AH to buy these days.
I love the fact that ED is coming back and people are getting excited but there are so many Moles and rats on this server that needs to be called out and get the ED treatment. It’s okay Holly and her guild got the same type of treatment when we came to ED years ago only the strong will surrvive.
It’s just how we roll and how to get rid of true toxicity not just “trolling” or Rping.

Bown down to the Queen MOTHER of Emerald Dream!

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Aww boo hoo did a warlock shoot green goo on you?


if you knew how ridiculous you look, you’d stop talking.

i actually cannot believe you type stuff like this, sit back, and think to yourself “yea that was pretty good!” then send it :rofl: :rofl:

If you fine folks wouldnt mind filling out this Survey if ya havent already…


Chaos bolt 2022 colorized

I miss the Dragon skull animation…

Hunt the guard you say?

There is a certain DK lol.

Dont get me wrong vamptdk would knock me around like a red headed step child, so i may have to get the drop on him and pray for the best

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Hah the Bane of Havoc PVP is very dangerous lmao. If a horde event leader wants to match me, we could come up with a “dog tag” event on a main city fight and do faction payouts for hk’s or something! Mercenary work could be fun!

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