Fury Warrior LFG Dath'Remar

Hello! Im a fury warrior LF a guild to play mythic+ and do normal/heroic/mythic with
im currently 190ilvl atm but will grind harder with the guild!

About me: I started playing on the legion expac and played havoc but i stopped playing since i moved houses and unable to get decent internet (i got a good one now dw lol) and wanting to get back to wow and hopefully working towards to an end goal whether its mythic+ or raiding or playing other games. Ive played heaps of other games before i played wow eg LoL,Dota 2,Valorant,Apex legends etc
I’m a competitive player and wanting to be one on wow
Im always available to play mythic+ the everyday after work
but im only free for raiding on friday 3pm aest and saturday, sunday im free also but i cant stay up too late because of work T.T
Sorry i have no logs to show or anything and sorry for the broken english its not my native language just pm on ForeverNight#1751 thank you!