Fury Meta PvP Guide?

Hey y’all!

Dusting off the Warrior to play as an alt, and I feel like I’m finding kind of a lot of inconsistent information for the meta pvp set up. Can anyone point me to one they recommend?

Meta Covenant + conduits, non-Unity leggo, where to slot both leggos, which pieces to craft tier, etc. That’s what I’m looking for.

Warriors are not meta and far from it in this current state, likely most pvp guides you see are for arms our pvp spec that has been not so hot.

I would say take the talents you like AM has good synergy with torment and your gonna almost need that healing reduction debuff (pvp talent)

Good luck

Necro (or Kyrian), Raging Blow, Recklessness, Conq Banner, Signet (maybe Deathmaker or Sephuz), omit legs from tier, stack up haste/vers, but maybe is also okay.

Basically it’s get tier then alternate between slamming raging blow and rampage.

Hm? Arms and Fury are both solid.


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Yeah I’m not totally sure what he’s talking about either.

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Yeah I’ve seen a lot of fury’s pumping

It’s not very fun down at a 255 ilvl though lmao.

Yeah, just absolutely tear into people with conq/reck.

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Signet of the tormented kings aka warrior Lego that is not spec bound…has synergy (synergy means they work good together) with our 6 row talent anger managment (every x amount of rage spent equals y amount of cd reduction)

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Do you prefer that to the Kyrian you’re playing right now?

If you’re not going RA in pvp (especially with 4pc) you’re actually crazy.

Has really good synergy with clown hammering the hell out of everything and not getting kited.

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Spear is good into cleaves, which Fury, at least in turbo, generally doesn’t feel great into. I’ve been playing Necro on my higher Warrior and just getting renown up with this to give it a whirl.

I’m probably gonna be Kyrian Arms or Necro Fury but still kind of figuring stuff out.

Having spear into retwarr for instance feels super nice.

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I suppose I still cannot get into fury this season…i may be blinded by my love for arms and the behemouth S1 preformance.

Even as an alt player, Fury doesn’t feel as satisfying as Arms to play