FULL Transcription of Sylvanas Loyalist Dialogue/Actions

It isn’t really a cinematic, so I can’t call it that, but you are given a one-use hearthstone to Tranquillen and told to meet Sylvanas at Windrunner Spire. When you do, you hear her and Nathanos, finally speaking in loving tones to each other as they part ways, and he says something rather scary. This part keeps getting left out of the transcript. She also says something after it that isn’t particularly informative but is still part of the whole thing. I put actions in square brackets.

Following is a transcription of the entire loyalist scene:

Nathanos: As do I Dark Lady, but when the time comes there can be no hesitation.

Sylvanas: There won’t be. Safe journey, Nathanos.

Nathanos: Safe journey, my love.

[Nathanos departs; Sylvanas turns to you and walks with you up the hill to Windrunner Spire, banshees in worshipful positions around her the whole way.]

Sylvanas: Ah, Champion! I wasn’t certain you made it out of Orgrimmar. If the traitors knew of your service to me, they’d have put you in irons…or worse. Saurfang’s ill-considered challenge may have ended the war prematurely, but it doesn’t matter now. Countless souls have been fed to the hungering darkness.

Sylvanas: Though I cared nothing for the living, I did pity the Forsaken. For the great injustice that made them what they are. I understand the cruelty of fate better than anyone.

[Sylvanas turns to look north over the coast of the Ghostlands.]

Sylvanas: But despite all I taught them, they stubbornly clung to hope. To life. They will learn the truth, along with all the rest. My bargain with Azshara will yet bear fruit. The armies of Azeroth will fight her master, and he will line their streets with corpses. In the end, he too will serve Death.

[Sylvanas turns to you and walks past you back down the hill.]

But enough reflection. There are preparations to be made.

[Sylvanas gets ready to depart.]

Sylvanas: Nothing lasts. When next you see me, you will understand.

After the little mini-not-really-a-cinematic and she disappears into the trees southeast towards the Thalassians (from Windrunner Spire where you meet her) she says just via chat bubble the following:

Sylvanas: Fate approaches, Champion. Be ready.


I can’t wait to see what loot she’s going to drop.


This is honestly the only cool thing to come out of 8.2.5… an awknoledgement of Horde players efforts to be loyal and support Sylvanas for… whatever reason they had. Maybe they see themselves as a villain, maybe they see themselves as utterly devoted to Sylvanas… that’s a personal decision to them and they need only justify it to themselves.

And this little Loyalist scene could have been so easily passed over by Blizzard, never produced, never another thought given to the choices made before the end of the War Campaign. It’s nice to know someone within Blizzard still actually cares about storytelling - and I wish that person or people worked more on Alliance content.


We killed a future shadow of her at one point, and I’m wearing the cape she drops.

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Hold this, please. [Hands you his dead member.] I need to find my sewing kit.

I guess the goal will come down to, “What if we totally just wreck N’Zoth’s :poop: so her prediction would be wrong?”

Maybe she will come back and proclaim Azeroth is free and things will go back to how they were.

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I love this bit of touch here. My only gripe is that I know if she does turn out to be some grand savior then a few of the loyalist players will feel justified and do some “I told you so dance”. The reality is that as of right now your character is either just following her out of blind loyalty or the love of cruelty.

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I wonder if Sylvanas will drop a horse like Arthas too. :thinking:

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Honestly, if she turns out to be some “grand savior”… then no one’s gonna care. Because Blizzard will have so far jumped the shark that no one’s gonna accept it. I don’t even think Earnest Hemmingway or freaking Homer had the skill as storytellers to spin that twist in a way that would come off as reasonable.


The shark got jumped back in WoD, when Draenor was FREEEEEEeeeee!

With all Sylvanas has done, there is no way Blizzard can reliably make her anything now save a raid boss.
Evil is as evil does but her story lapsed into vaudeville long ago.


Even Illidan was honest that he was no one’s savior, but even he never burned a few thousand innocents because of a temper tantrum. Attempted genocide should be a moral event horizon after which a character can’t be ‘redeemed’ from.


This. She can’t be redeemed now. They’ve taken her so far down there’s no coming back. No forgiveness. Not here. Ever. Yeah it’s a game but it’s not reasonable to think anything else now.


For alliance, yeah. We’ll get our 650th wolf or something. :roll_eyes:

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