Full moon out again...LET'S TALK!

Ah, I remember turning 21. Sitting in my college dorm room playing heroes of newerth as the clock struck midnight. With no friends or family around, not a soul to celebrate with.

Happy birthday, OP.

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Oh great. Dispatch will be real fun tonight.



:beers: :wine_glass: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: here is a late Happy Pixel Birthday

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and then people wonder why I put up with -30 in the winter and blizzards… cause that temp would make me melt… lol… stay cool if you can.

It’s a full moon? I knew my beard had been growing in a little thick lately…

Happy birthday!


I am 24 and turning 25 next month

I have yet to even drink my first alcoholic beverage, even though some people tried to make me try it I just didn’t

When I was 21 I was actually afraid to because kept thinking I’ll do something bad while drunk

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That’s probably a good way to look at it lol. Drinking beer and I am fine but I have a lot of regrets for the times whiskey was drunk along with that beer lol.

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Grats. I still remember my 21st. Went out for pizza and beer. I had like half the pitcher. I got up afterwards and it was like the room was spinning. Then we went back to my friends place where we tried to play quarters. Poor depth perception + beer. bad combo.

Next morning? No hangover. Lucky I guess.

It was the last time I drank that much. I’ll drink once in a blue moon. But its in the family so I’m very careful about ANY drinking I do.

Yeah, it ain’t much. I’ve just crossed the tipping point between having turned 21 twice, and three times. Right now I’m looking forward to 55 and some of those sweet, sweet discounts…


Not AARP ready yet, but a lot closer than id like to admit

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Happy Birthday! :cake:


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Sounds…clinical. Please see a doctor before it’s too late.

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Something Something Worgen Joke.

Btw, Happy Birthday! :tada:

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You were 6 when WoW came out. How, when and why did you get started?

21 seems a crazy age for adult privileges, where I live being 18 is the same as 21 is in America.

If memory serves it hasn’t always been 21 in the US. Yup, looked it up. The drinking age has waffled from 16 to 21 over the years.

Before prohibition the rules were rather lax about drinking age. It was Prohibition that set more rigid rules in place about drinking.

1919 was the first big change.
1933 was the next major change.
1971 was the next change.
1984 was the most recent change to drinking age in the US.

A bit of fun history (I just looked it up, curious).

EDIT: Some states have exceptions to the age limit, particularly for religious purposes or when accompanied by an adult.

Nah I’d say the peak is in the mid-to late 30’s. You’re still hot, you’re wiser, you have more free time/disposable income. It’s 40 where it starts to go downhill in like a big way.

Op make sure you dont get a gross light beer.

Get something full flavor. You wont regret. Light beer is gross.

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