"Full" but Dead Servers: Whitemane, Pagle

Why’d you buy that much gold bruh /s

Assuming they’re people you know, just ask them what server they’re going to transfer to. Because the mega servers will probably remain busted until large clusters (guilds) of players bite the bullet and leave.

Based response

the only difference between now and then is you can’t pile into the mega server which shouldn’t have ever been possible for a long while now

none of these severs ever had free transfers off of them, between now and then you still would have had to pay for the transfer

Welcome to Whitemane!

Now get out.

@Mikoshi Some may take the free transfer to Erakinus, but guess what… Erakinus is closed to free or even PAID transfers from Whitemane.

Also, my OP also applies to players who earlier in TBC transferred to Benediction or Grobbulus but left alts behind on Whitemane (A). Now, those alts are completely stuck, and sucks for players who were considering transferring them over for Wrath.

What’s wrong with connecting realms??

You’ll have to wait until phase 3 of wrath when hype has died down, and transfers are available again.

As far as what’s wrong with connecting realms, it’s anathema to what classic is about. The same reason RFD won’t ever be added. There’s a version of WoW for what you want, but it’s not classic

make a DK on your desired realm and level it for 15 levels

Widespread server transfers are also anathema to Classic. I really wanted a classic experience (realm identity, no widespread transfers, no RDF). But my realm was already destroyed by this. So now it’s time to look for a solution instead of holding onto false ideals that were already violated.

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This right here needs to be addressed 100%!

Blizzard is asking for the customers to help them alleviate the issue. I’m happy to do so, but why do I have to pay for it?

yeah no guilds are going to do that, everyone will wait it out and the suckers will take the free migration and end up on a dead realm having to pay to get somewhere worht playing. this has happened so many times at this point you have to be intentionally ignorant to act like that’s not what happens EVERY TIME.

IKR “guys we created a problem with our lack of caring and management of the game can you please pay us 25 dollars per character to solve it” they are still the clowns they’ve always been

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Keep thinking that. But I’ll bet they transfer when it’s launch week, and their raid team isn’t even 71 by the time raid opens, because of 12 hour long queues.

The age of mega servers is over. Accept it, and move, or spend all your playtime in queue.

So has anybody figured out a viable way for Whitemane Alliance to play the game? Is it really PAYING to go to a lower pop PvE server??

Thank you for this post! I rolled on Mankrik alliance during character reserve vanilla and I refuse to transfer off and follow everyone else who made the current problem worse. We need free transfers offered to us to go to somewhere populated so we can at least play the game and maybe join a guild.

@Aggrend @Kaivax

In this linked post you state: “because we know that almost every realm in service right now is a perfectly vibrant and viable place to play.”

This is demonstrably false for Alliance players trapped on Whitemane (and likely Mankrik too).

Do you even play this game?? What PvP server can a returning Whitemane Alliance player transfer to??

25 bucks and u can go to old blanchy

Look at the present situation. You really only have two options - stick it out on Whitemane, wait for Blizzard to address faction imbalance with potential FCM, or pay to a lesser pop realm that will most likely fill up in the coming weeks. I agree its unfair having to pay for this service but I don’t see an immediate solution being brought to the table in the near future. Just do what you feel is needed to actually enjoy playing the game. Good luck!

Thank you but with all due respect both of those options are absolute garbage.

For all of Classic and half of TBC, Whitemane was a 50:50 West Coast PvP server with thousands of active players at all hours. Until Blizzard destroyed the “realm identity” and “community” by facilitating unlimited paid Horde transfers IN and unlimited paid Alliance transfers OUT. There were a grand total of ZERO Alliance raids logged throughout the entirety of TBC Phase 5 when there were previously HUNDREDS every week.

And now, the solution is to PAY over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to transfer my max level characters to a low-population PvE server that previously died out? And then have to spend HUNDREDS more to transfer somewhere else when Old Blanchy inevitably dies again??

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