i recently reactivated my account after a 6 month hiatus and thought ok i’ll give it another shot. after installed the app i went to go and update my wow only to find out i had to download and install the entire game (because of an update loop). after a lengthy download i was able to play for a couple hours. today i log in and of coarse another update, only this time when i try an update it, i get error code BLZBNTAGT00000840. i cleared the cache and reinstalled the app only to get the same message. the only other option is too re-download 50gb again. anyway around option 3?

hello Sorgana welcome to the Wyrmrest Accord realm forums please tell me about your roleplay character

You’re slipping, Liotuse. I was this close to stealing your thunder!

sorry wrong server, my apologies.

i’m playing HOTS at the same time what do you want from me

to be the hero that we all need

well i can see wow is officially dead when someone asks for help only to get their post hijacked. nice community.

okay bye felicia