Frost wands not freezing Viscidus

Glad you are too lazy to put up a PTR for this kind of stuff.

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never said that they did - however they did discuss anything and everything under the sun as far as boss strategies

Doesn’t really matter, does it? People remember using frost wands, contemporary videos show people using only frost wands, Blizzard comes out and says “oops we changed this in 2008; frost wands were supposed to work and now they do again.” Problem solved.

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My question was:

Your answer response was:

So if your goal was to completely ignore my actual question to answer your own question with a downright falsehood, good job. ElitistJerks, in reality, did neither of the things I asked about. I would know as I was a frequent visitor. Talking about stuff in-depth =| logs and detailed combat log addons.

Also mentioning Ion does nothing for me, the dude is responsible for much of the current absolute ruin of the game we are playing right now.

If you’re gonna cite anecdotes from 2006 WoW and say “We checked out logs”, be prepared to back that up with actual credible citations because anyone who actually played back then knows that stuff didn’t exist.

go outside and get some fresh air friend - clearly you need it

ps you forgot to bold the most important part of my original response:

"but they analyzed EVERYTHING"

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Whatever you say boss~ :smiley:

Yes, this is bugged since at least sometime in Legion and I am pretty sure that I filed a bug-report for that back then.

Does that this will be finally fixed for Retail as well?

No frost wands in retail.

no no no, let them wait! it took 3-4 years to fix, let them have it in 2023!!

You misunderstood. It worked correctly for 3 years and then was broken in 2008.

What did that line of code look like? Please share with us puba.

No frost wands in retail?

Advanced combat logging wasnt a thing in vanilla, however you could still manually look through your logs. It was tedious, it was time consuming, but it could be done and was, particularly on encounters that appeared to be roadblocked.

In fact, the ability to track non-physical, elemental damage (such as frost wand hits) was added to the combat log in the Zul’Gurub patch 1.7.0.

[Patch 1.7.0] (patch date:2005-09-22):

  • Absorbed and resisted environmental damage is now shown in the combat log.
  • If an attack deals non-physical damage, the type of damage is now reported in the combat log.
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