Frost wands not freezing Viscidus

You missed the point that’s ok though.

Should have also read the rest of the posts made


if only they had an actual QA team and an actual beta…



Or even if only there was some sort of way for players to test content

like a separate test realm, open to the public.

Nah, definitely can’t have people practicing the fights, it would make them too easy. Better for them to miss obvious bugs that make it too easy instead.


Frost damage in the tooltip from melee weapons has been confirmed to not work but still be eligible for resists and element absorbs.

It would make perfect sense that the tooltip damage on a frost wand works identically because Blizzard love to copy+paste code.

We checked against our reference client and it confirmed what others are saying here: Frost wands are supposed to work, and we found the offending line of code (introduced in 2008!) and fixed it.

Thanks for helping us crush these bugs!
Sorry we missed it.
:heart: you all.


Guess I better get back to gnomeregan. Left my wand in there.


Go to DM:N. Cho’rush has a better wand.

Damage is irrelevant, a wand with 1.4 speed doing 1-2 dps is better than the Cho’rush wand doing 68-127 damage at 1.6 speed for this fight.
All that matters is hitting him with frost abilities in order to freeze him as quickly as possible during that phase of the fight.
Farming the wand in Gnomeregan can be a pain though, so just get the 1.5 speed wand from AV, or the green 1.5 wand from Desolace quest.

It’s much, much more than 20. I ran it on my shaman for xmog and it took several dozen frost shocks. It was a while ago, but I’d say it could’ve been over 100.

Activision would pay them peanuts anyways. Hard to focus on finding bugs in a game when you can’t afford to eat and pay rent at the same time.

you might be on to something here…

Who or what time traveler did you know at the time that ran a logs website for WoW back in 2006, and/or proivided you with an addon that gives anything close to the level of information that you’re implying?

Elitist Jerks - otherwise known as the website run by the current WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas - not full logs that we have today but they analyzed EVERYTHING


Thank you for an actual useful response from a GM. You are superior to your peers sir.

Have to ask, why was the ability to freeze him with wands removed in 2008? Was there a behind the scenes change that affected how wands worked or was this a deliberate change for this encounter?

Legitimately curious, it seems like an odd thing to change, especially after the boss lost all relevance.

Everyone is using wands, even the mages. The description of the video: “Server first kill of Viscidus in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj with a 40 man raid. By The Last Watch of Turalyon EU. Note that this kill was particularly difficult for an Alliance guild during classic WoW because of the lack of Shaman with Cleansing Totems.”

Was there literally no internal testing for AQ? These arent minor bugs that are hard to miss or something.

No one casted a frost wand on viscidus at blizzard?

Same with the later anubisath having literally ZERO of their abilities for some guilds.

No one pulled this trash internally at blizzard?

I know the PTR AQ40 was kept hushhush for some reason, but these are really simple easy to see bugs that took players ONE RAID through the dungeon to find…

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I visited Elitist Jerks on the regular. They did not have logs or provide addons anything close to what we have today. It was more a theorycrafting hub than anything else, but OK.

Glad you are too lazy to put up a PTR for this kind of stuff.

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