Frost mage LF raiding guild

248 frost mage LF raiding guild, avaliable all nights and days hmu

Yo! Are you looking for Normal, Heroic or Mythic? If you are interested in a one night a week Heroic team then Slippery When Wet may be a very good fit. You can check out our WoW teams here:

You’re terrible. Or you wouldn’t be looking for us. We know we are, and together we can create one guild! We’re newly established on Sargeras after years with close friends on a small RP realm, and finally had to chose between pursuing mythic raiding more seriously or accepting forever heroic farm runs on alts. Obviously we chose the terrible fate: continuing to play.
Currently we only have one raid team, which runs every Tuesday/Wednesday from 8 PM to 11 PM PST | 10 PM to 1 AM CST | 11 PM to 2 AM EST. As it stands, we’re looking to push as far into SoD as we can, while building and prepping for a CE push in 9.2.

We’re hoping to build up enough to maintain at least two raid teams and a few M+ teams. Maybe PvP soon™? And if you’re interested but don’t want that tag under your name (yet), consider joining our terrible community:

Contacts/Officers: Aureo#11138 (Bnet)/Aureo#2125 (Discord), Gnimms (in-game), Mindrelody#1354 (Bnet)/Mindrelody#2833 (discord), & Tarokis (in-game)

Hi, we are always looking for more peeps, casual or not ~feel free to check us out and give a poke if interested

If you’re still looking we are a CE focused, alliance guild on Sargeras.

Hoping we can chat further.
Btag: Cailyth#1999

We raid a niche schedule Fri and Sat nights. If you think this works and you want to talk more to see if we’re a fit for you, you can hit me up @ discord Kourt#1546. Good Luck!

Guild & Server: [A] Sargeras
Raid Times/Days: 12-3am cst tues-thurs
Current Progression: 10/10H 4/10M
Recruitment Contacts: Bnet: iperrymarkz#1141 discord PerryMarks#5934
Requirements: looking for mythic ready players that aren’t toxic and know how to have fun while getting stuff done
Needs: Boomy, Warr DK(dps) mage but would consider any non hunter dps.

We really need a mage if you’re available late nights. Would be offering a core spot for mythic