Frost Mage lf Mythic Raiding Guild

<Top of the Line> 3/8M we raid wed/thurs 9pm-1am Eastern. If you can make those times and are interested hit me up @ Unstawpable#1550 or on discord Unstawpable#4484
Hey Wiigami! :)

<Prominence> is an Alliance raiding guild on the Sargeras server. We are a casual guild that pushes content on a limited raid schedule. If you're looking for a fun, friendly and active guild, we might be the home for you!

Our leadership, and many of our members have Mythic raiding experience. We pride ourselves on being an active, friendly and welcoming community. Most of us have played together for many years, and have spent time with each other outside of Azeroth as well. We have a very active Mythic+ community, with members always looking to push keys of any level. In addition to raiding on our Main characters, many of us have alts that are capable of current content alt-runs. We also enjoy casual PVP (Battlegrounds/RBG’s/Arena), and Transmog Runs. Many of us attend Blizzcon together each year and we’d love to meet new guildies.

The most important point we stress is that we are looking for active, friendly, and lighthearted WoW players who enjoy playing the game, and will contribute to our positive community. Hopefully your aim is to find a new and permanent home, as that is the goal for us as well.

Sargeras-US (Central Time)

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server Time (Central)
Invites start at 8:15 and we pull at 8:30

Additional Information:
Cauldrons/Feasts/Potions/Enchants/Gems are provided
Vantus Runes (when needed) are provided
Discord Voice Chat is required for each raid

Required Addons:
Deadly Boss Mods/Big Wigs (whichever you prefer)
Weak Auras (not required - but helpful to have)

3/8 Mythic Uldir
8/8 Heroic Uldir, Ahead of the Curve

We're currently looking for a Mage to add to our ranged roster, and would love to have the chance to see if we are a good fit for you!

To arrange a Discord interview, please message our Guild Master, Heavenslight#11250 (Battlenet)/Heavenslight#8304 (Discord), or Exela#1985 (Battlenet)/Exela#8991 (Discord).

Thank you and best of luck on your search! :)
Add me on bnet: Dipipis#1760
Guild: <Nocturnal>
Server: Zul'jin(Horde)
Raid Times: Tue, Wed, Thur 10:30-1:30 PST (1:30-4:30 EST)
Progression:3/8M Uld
Current Needs

  • Boomkin - HIGH
  • Elemental Shaman - HIGH
  • Warlock - HIGH
  • Shadow Priest - HIGH
  • Hunter - HIGH
  • Fire Mage - Low
  • **MELEE**
  • Fury/Arms War - Closed
  • Surv. Hunter - Closed
  • Ret Pally - Closed
  • Frost DK- Closed
  • Havoc DH - Closed
  • WW Monk - Closed
  • Enh. Shaman - Closed
  • Feral - Closed
  • Rogue - Closed
  • **HEALS**
  • Resto Shaman - Closed
  • Holy Pally - Closed
  • Disc. Priest - Closed
  • R.Druid - Closed
  • MW Monk - Closed
  • Any Exceptional DPS

  • Expectations
    1. Good Attitude – Our raids are high-pressure situations a lot of the time. Mistakes can and will be made by anyone in the raid. Your attitude must allow for identifying such mistakes, the willingness to admit failure, and the drive to correct such failure. Criticism can and must be met with a level head and the determination to amend your play accordingly. Nobody is above being called out for a mistake. Getting angry at your fellow raiders for pointing out errors during farm or progression will achieve nothing except the re-opening of recruitment.

    2. Awareness – Encounters in this game will consistently find ways to kill you, ranging from simple fire mechanics to meteor strikes to sonic discs. If your awareness is lacking in any department, it will become readily apparent. We do not want people that cannot adapt quickly and efficiently to the challenging Mythic encounters of this tier and beyond.

    3. Performance – Every boss fight is different. How quickly you are able to form a solid, consistent DPS (or HPS) strategy around the challenges of the encounter means everything. Maximizing output is a must. People who can adapt to any encounter, old or new, on the turn of a dime, are the people we want.

    4. Attendance – The same players consistently showing up is one of the greatest keys to fast progression and reliable farm. Our final roster will be under 30 players, and we only raid 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week, so our schedule should be easy to make with 100% attendance, barring real life circumstances that can and will happen to everyone from time to time.
    Trial Period
    Once accepted into the guild, you will be placed into a trial period that lasts 2-4weeks. During this time, you will be evaluated and see how well you perform in our raid environment. Once we see how you play, we will have a brief talk with you and let you know if you passed your trail or not.
    Contact Info
    Bubblesmitey - Bubbleskank#1537
    <Fallen Empire> is competitive raiding guild on Thunderhorn - US. Our core group of players are exceptional at their roles and have 14 years of mythic raiding experience under their belt. We are a dedicated raiding guild that helps our players get the most out of the game and their goals. We foster a mature, fun and relaxed atmosphere but expect all our raiders to be prepared and excited to work on progression content. We value teamwork, communication, and fun!

    Recruiting for all roles and specs - Disc Priest, Ranged DPS
    All excellent players will be considered regardless of class

    Past Progression:
    Too long to post, have been a guild since BC. Thanks!

    4/8 M Uldir with progress on Fetid

    Raid Times
    Tuesday 8-11 CST
    Wednesday 8-11 CST
    Sunday 11am Alt Mythic Raid
    Monday 8pm Heroic

    Want to chat with one of our super cool officers? Add one of the following battle tags
    To fill out an application.
    <The Barber Shop> H8/8 M2/8 Uldir - HORDE US-Firetree (Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale on the same cluster)
    We are looking to recruit skilled and dedicated players for our Mythic Uldir progression. Outside of raid nights we spend the majority of our time together inside Mythic+ keys, we are highly team focused and greatly appreciate the social element of the game just as much as the content itself.

    What Times Do We Raid:
    We raid 3 hours per night, 2 days a week, Friday and Saturday, 7:30pm-10:30pm PST (10:30pm-01:30am EST).

    What Classes Are We Recruiting:
    2x Ranged Dps (Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Frost Mage, BM Hunter)
    1x Melee (Retribution Paladin, Frost/Unholy Death Knight, Demon Hunter)

    How Do I Express Interest:
    You can leave a response here, add me on Bnet to discuss further details - Pherric#1966 , reach out to me on Discord - Pherric#9902 or alternatively you can whisper my Monk or my Druid in game - Brewery-Firetree / Pherric-Firetree.
    I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    <Mogs and Logs>
    is a brand new guild created by a group of friends who have been playing together since MoP! Current leaders are 4/8M. We are looking for players of similar skill to join us in creating an awesome community and progress the hardest content! Currently, we have made mass strides in recruitment and are only looking for Ranged DPS only: Warlock, Boomkin, or Mage.

    We are looking to be a highly competitive guild on a casual raid schedule (6 hours per week top 300). Leaders have previous top 100 experience, and are also MDI competitors. Our group of friends love to do Mythic plus & sell them as well as the occasional RBG/PVP (I myself have two rank 1 titles) and that is a huge part of our community having things to do with each other outside of raid nights.

    100% Attendance & Ready to accept invites 15 min. prior to raid
    Knowledge of your class and how to maximize your potential on any encounter including playing off-spec if needed (min of 80% avg parse on WL)
    Battle & Healing Potions as well as enchants & gems in/on your gear (We provide Cauldron and Feasts)
    Good attitude during raid and able to take positive criticism
    No negativity/racism/sexism/name calling/raging during raid we are all adults!
    A working mic and decent computer (no toasters)

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday + Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST (Server)

    Contact Information:
    Deathlobsta: RealID - Deathlobsta#1397 Discord - Deathlobsta#5053
    Shotski: RealID - Easybake#1369 Discord - Shotskie#3524

    Brand new guild on the server illidan [H] we are currently looking for competent players for all end game content. We're looking to push into mythic raiding together, Mythic+ groups, and players interested in both arena and RBGs. Were currently looking for every role to fill the main roster. Our Current progress is 8/8N, 8/8H, 1/8M We raid two nights a week, T/W 8:30 to 11:30 server (central) time. Sometimes we'll go later, depending on how people are feeling about pushing more into the night. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact us on bnet or discord.

    Bnet: sacredx#1980
    Discord: Feldral#2962

    Bnet: beethovenday#1823
    Discord: beethovenday#2137
    <Picnic in Purgatory> [Area 52] is a Horde guild. 2/8M

    If you are in search of a community full of dedicated, talented (and most important) fun & friendly individuals: look no further. We aim to tackle Mythic Raiding content in Battle for Azeroth and have already begun mythic content.

    Our schedule:
    ★ Tuesdays from 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST.
    ★ Thursdays from 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST.

    ★★ Why PnP? ★★
    We have an extremely experienced and knowledgeable roster of players. Many of which, have been participating in end-game raiding content for over a decade. Our raid leaders are some of the best.

    ★ We value your time. Rest assured, PnP's highly prepared and effective leadership make the most of each moment giving clear and concise communication and well-researched strategies.

    ★ We have an active discord where our members meet daily to organize Mythic + content, World Quests, discuss builds and play styles, or just hang out, share stories, listen to music, and develop new and meaningful relationships with like-minded people!

    ★★ Prepared to Picnic in Purgatory? ★★
    Our community is always open to players who value honesty, respect, communication, determination, and above all, camaraderie

    Our Mythic Raid team is currently recruiting:
    ★ 1 Melee DPS
    ★ 1 Ranged DPS

    Application found here!

    Contact information:
    ★ Kalki#11116

    We are a Horde guild named Dawn of the Dead on the Zul'jin server that has been raiding for the last 13 years. We are currently 6/8 Mythic in Uldir. We work on pushing Mythic raid content, and are looking to recruit exceptional players for immediate positions on our progression raid team. We are very friendly, active progression raiding guild.

    We raid for 3 hours, 3 days a week:
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 - 11 EST (7 - 10 CST, 6 - 9 MST, 5 - 8 PST)

    I'd encourage you to learn a little more about us at or contact me by BattleTag at Jeare#1759.
    [US][H][Thunderhorn] 3/8M <Optimal Baddies>
    We are Optimal Baddies, a recently formed semi-hardcore raiding guild with roots dating back to classic that is aiming to be cutting edge in BfA and all future expansions
    Progression raid days
    Tuesday & Wednesday 9PM-11:30PM EST

    Optional raid days
    Friday & Saturday 9PM-11:30PM EST

    We ask that you maintain a 90% attendance if at all possible, we understand that real life happens but are also looking to progress rapidly.
    Look at for an in-depth view of raider requirements and expectations

    For loot distribution we use RCLootcouncil and take into account gear-value, performance, and attendance.

    We are looking for damage and healers of all classes to trial for our mythic roster. All trials are expected to be ready to raid for an upcoming raid night.

    Please message myself (Goldfish#1198) or (Abbadon#11928) on or hop in discord at if interested.

    Hi Wiigami,

    <Daddy Issues> Area52 - is a recently reformed guild that is currently 2/8 M. We are looking to fill some raiding spots for Mythic again, but are going to be clearing heroics and M Taloc/MOTHER until we get the numbers to progress again. Our goal is CE for 8.1

    Looking for like-minded players who are progression-focused but also know how to have fun and can adapt quickly.

    If you are not looking to get into mythic we welcome all who are looking for heroic raids and run M+ as well as RBGs.

    1. Raid Times:

    Tue/Thurs 8-11 EST (Area-52 server time).

    2. Looking For:


    • Holy Paladin

    • Resto Druid


    • Warrior

    • Rogue


    • Mage

    • Warlock

    We welcome all that would like to apply and trial with us as we are looking to fine tune our roster.

    3. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:

    Semi-hardcore. Have a casual player base outside of raid.

    4. Current progression/experience:

    2/8M and AOTC on this new guild, 3/8M with 10 raiders from previous guild.

    5. Recent logs:



    6. Contact info:

    StormRage#1832 - GM

    BevynM#1813 - Co-GM

    Adeid#1534 - Raid Lead

    <Missunderstood> an Alliance guild on Kirin Tor server looking to recruit ranged DPS for our mythic group. Current progression is 2/8 Mythic, 8/8H Uldir. We value consistency and ability to come prepared over gear score and past experience. If you’re willing to put in the work, we’re willing to give you a chance.

    Raid Group - Raid days are Sun 6-10pm, Mon 6:30-10:30 p.m… Must be able to make both days consistently without exception.

    Current Needs:
    Ranged: Boomkin, Lock, Mage
    Melee: Rogue, Havoc DH
    Healer: MW, Holy Pally

    If you’d like a spot on a growing team, with proven success. Drop us an app.

    Qualities we are seeking: Determination to learn and excel at class, ability to take constructive criticism, theorycrafters, min/maxers, committed to progression despite multiple wipes, level headed team-player, non-elitist, and personable with a little humor. No alts please, looking for main toons whose players will invest time into.

    All walks of life are welcome, cool cats, new players and old, we are LGBT-friendly, and 18+ ( not budging on this). We are a guild that started from humble beginnings late in Mists of Pandaria and finished server first. Have a sense of humor, a knowledge of your class, and the desire to experience some organized raiding, or join us socially for an online place to call home. We run guild incentives to foster participation in everything from guild donations, Mythic + Dungeons, or Dungeon Achievements. We are also constantly running Mythic + for fun, gear, and challenges.

    If this sounds like fun to you then please by all means contact myself or another officer in game or you can catch us on our website: missunderstood(dot)enjin(dot)com

    We are willing to pay for faction changes and server transfers for the right fit–thank you for reading!

    Guild Master of Missunderstood


    Misshap - Guildmaster (Misshap#11205)
    Mahler - Recruitment Officer (MahlersGhost#1837)

    Your schedule seems to line up with what we are looking for in the team we are building. I won’t bother you with the full spam here, but please feel free to check out my post:

    Hey! I think you’d be a great fit, love to chat.
    Server:Kel’Thuzad [A]

    Raid Times
    Sunday 8:30pm - 11:30pm Mountain (10:30pm-1:30am Eastern)
    Monday 8:30pm - 11:30pm Mountain (10:30pm-1:30am Eastern)
    *Off night carries/alt clears Tuesday (10:30pm-1:30am Eastern)

    Current Prog - 3/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N, M Vectis 19%

    • Full Repairs
    • Flasks, Feasts & Runes Provided
    • 15k-25k gold each off night carry run
    • DPS Pots provided on some content

    Immediate Openings

    • Warlocks & other Ranged DPS
    • Arms Warrior
    • Any good quality players that can make raid schedule

    Semi-hardcore guild on a lite 2 night schedule. Formed early legion and progressed through Mythic. Guild full of mid to late twenties early thirties players, college students & parents. We will attempt to get CE on each tier. We run a roster of 23-26 to avoid attendance issues + stack classes for fight needs.

    Gold Carries
    M+ Key Pushing[/ul]

    Add my bnet tag Robbilee#1782 (vvheelchair) so I can get in contact with you.

    Hey there Wiigami!

    We are a group of returning high level raiders, who are taking a more casual approach this time around by raiding on a 2 day schedule. We are looking for like minded players who want to down mythic content, in a quick less stressful manner. Our raid times are Fri-Sat 9-12 EST.

    Progress: 8/8H 3/8M

    Recruitment Needs:

    Tank: Closed


    Melee: Open excluding Demon Hunters

    Ranged: Open


    If your role is not listed above feel free to contact us anyway.

    What you’ll be signing up for:
    You will be part of a guild who values the fun the game offers, over everything else. We value our friendships, and the fun we have while raiding. Do not let our laid back attitude dissuade you, as we still value progressing, and moving forward in raid tiers.

    You will also have the opportunity to be a part of a community that extends outside of raid times, including arena, bgs, mythic+ and other games (such as Overwatch and League of Legends).

    If you would like to be a part of our community contact us on our thread or hit up one of us below!

    Drunkndonut: Recruitment Officer

    Bullstizz: GM

    Myostatin: Officer



    Horde guild!

    We are recruiting for mythic raiding. Currently 8/8H 3/8M

    Raid time

    Tuesday/Wednesday 7PM to 10PM CST (Need to be online 5-10 minutes before raid).

    Friday (optional) : heroic/normal run

    Sunday (optional) : Yolo Rbg


    website : rewindguild(dot)me

    Nietto : Battletag Mat#11420.

    Asagami : Battletag Sasha#12635.

    Shdwphnx : Battletag Shdwphnx#1623.

    You can apply on the website, and if you have any questions feel free to add us on btag.

    <Running in Circles> Area 52 - US Horde We are mature adults building a raiding guild, looking for exceptional DPS, healers and tanks for future progression into 8.1! Currently looking for and accepting all Raid times are Fri/Sat 11:30pm-2:30am (EST) Our small group of core founders are currently 3/8M 8/8H with experience on Vectis. ** Attendance and knowledge of encounters is expected Add Braveheart#12850 or Seania#1484 for more details if our times sound good for you!

    I seen you are looking for EST times, But how late are you looking? lol

    Guild: <Nocturnal>
    Server: Zul’jin(Horde)
    Raid Times: Tue, Wed, Thur 10:30-1:30 PST (1:30-4:30 EST)
    Progression: 3/8M Uld

    Contact Info
    Bubblesmitey - Bubbleskank#1537