Frost Mage LF casual afternoon raiding guild


Hello anyone taking the time to read this. Looking to get back into raiding 7/7 heroic right now and been playing wow on and off since vanilla so very experienced player here. Wondering if any guilds out there raid around the afternoon time (2pm-5pm est). Anytime I join a raid always stride to improve my numbers and be on the top of dps meters. Always been in guilds pushing mythic content but right now in my life looking for something a little more casual but still makes progress. Still gearing my mage up just leveled him up recently at 365 right now but increasing item level daily. Hoping to find a new home soon for the new raid =]


Hello, I am Clearpullzz. I would like to offer you a link to our cross realm Community. Please feel free to join us so we can help eachother fill in solid players.