Frost Mage Arena & Rbg's

Anyone have advice for playing frost inside of arena or rbgs? There is a massive lack of information on builds etc out there for PvP due to it not being popular. I have tried to pull out some damage and it just feels lacking. Anyone have any advice on bumping up damage or performing better in rbg’s / arena?

Frost is gonna be tough in arena honestly. It’s too reliant on casting even with the orb build. Can look me up on armory and IO to see but I literally run the PvE build in PvP. They either are gonna go you and it’s going miserable no matter what talents you run or they don’t and you do unhealable damage. I don’t arena seriously but I was playing at 2300+ in RBGs last season as Frost and topping fairly often so the build can do dam and is even better this season.

There is also a Skele build using Disciplinary Command centering around Frostbolt that is pretty nutty. The orb build could also work with Kyrian and NF. If you want to know anything more specific let me know.

not op but tell me your covenant build please, i’m actually playing arcane as @numbing play it, it’s kinda fun but i’m always open to play frost any day

What exactly are you using that’s dropping unhealable damage though? It feels so underpowered when I use frost

I do also run Night Fae and would love any builds or info you have. I feel so clunky even deciphering certain builds or talents, rotations etc. I know some basics but the damage feels limp.

It does a whole lot of damage against targets who don’t really pay attention to you. But against players who know to pressure you, you’ll struggle getting a cast off, and so your dps will suffer a lot for it.

You kind of have to have a team built around you for it to work. Frigid winds + freezing rains are alright picks for control

Unfortunately because of the way the game is gear wise you wont do anything but tickle as any spec. Disregarding that:

First you need Freezing Winds leggo. Swap to chain reaction, splitting ice and thermal void. Conduits are ice bite, icy propulsion and malice since I’m venthyr. Open with Viens, MoT, shatter the first flurry proc you get then drop Orb and spam ice lance till next flurry proc. Im hitting 14k+ Frostbolts without Iceform and 12k+ Lances. It’s not as big of numbers as the DC Skele build won’t run the risk of being shut down and doing zero damage.

Do you run ice form or burst of cold?

Deep Shatter, Concentrated Coolness and Frostbite.

Did some work with that set up last night and my damage improved. Feeling a little better about it. Do you know if splitting ice will break sheep or cc in general?

Unfortunately it will.

So that’s a no go talent for arena then =\ any advice for arena talents?

Almost all the things Frost needs to do to either control or do damage break CC. It’s pretty horrible spec design. If you really want to arena as Frost find yourself a Kyrian War, Orb his spears and cleave with Splitting Ice while your healer pushes for cc on theirs. It’s pretty free rating up to at least 1800.