Arcane damage (PvP)

Why is so low?

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Not pushing right buttons


Probably. Can u make a guide please?

Respec fire

Best guide us!

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Thinking about that

On a serious note,

Arcane has so many issues that any good team will just train you into the ground.

The main issue is fire uses all three schools versus arcane only using two.

If you get locked on arcane your only option is block/ring of frost

Ye i wast a lot of time trying to fake.
The AB cast is another issue, so long :frowning:

To be fair there are a couple of arcane mages in the top 100 right now, kyrian and venthyr respectfully, this is probably one of the first seasons where we see all 3 spec being viable with fire being the easiest to play.

If you’re looking for a full guide you should probably look one up on YouTube as the differences from arcane to fire are too vast to put on a forum post here.
But the big advantages to keep note of are: mass invisibility (pvp talent) let’s you go invisible for 5 seconds and cast spells as long as they don’t hit another player, can pump a full hit of AB without getting interrupted with mass invis. Greater invis only available to arcane mages gives you 60% damage reduction for 3 seconds in the middle of combat and can be used to interrupt another spellcaster targeting you. It’s also important to note that in PVP it’s all about timing that CC with ring of frost or polymorph and your teammates to get an opening to start popping your cooldowns with touch of the magi/AP/POM/Arcanosphere. Kyrian and venthyr both play very differently with arcane missiles vs AB. So it’s important to look up a guide for the covenant you are running and get with a good team you can strategize with to create openings for your massive burst damage.


It is brutal for arcane. Locks you out of:

  • Blink
  • Prismatic Barrier
  • All offensive arcane spells
  • Polymorph
  • Invisibility
  • Counterspell

I wish polymorph was on a “celestial” school. It didn’t lock out your other arcane spells, for all arcane mages. Or, just bring back presence of mind polymorph for arcane mages.

You have pretty much the same spec as me, with the exception of Arcane Empowerment, which I never use, and I use Overpowered even with the Arcane Power PvP nerf. Arcanosphere is crazy good if played properly, and if I weren’t using Arcano, I’d be using Torment of the Weak. Your job is to kite like crazy and rely on your instant casts; I lean on Barrage, Explosion, Spellsteal, and Slow to control enemy players until I can set up a ToTM or Arcano or Arcane Orb + PoM ABx3. Most of my damage in BGs/RBGs comes from Barrage and Explosion because there’s no way to stop me from casting them, and where your spec empowers your Barrage, you should be casting it a lot for Chronoshift kiting. Not every burst opportunity requires you to lead with ToTM, so be willing to use burst CD’s without it, especially chasing the 35% hp mark when your barrage becomes an execute. Overpowered Arcane Power plus Arcanic Cull Arcane Barrage is crazy and among the best executes in the game if not the best.


I’ve learned to kite as Arcane in PvP. I think we are the best class at kiting with all the tools at our disposal.

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For reference im around 3100 CR playing arcane. Arcane is not as consistent as fire but still viable. Play Venthyr and use Arcane Harmony Lego almost all the games. Start your Arcane Power burst rotation with a fully charged (full harmony and arcane charges) barrage - arcane orb - use POM charges to get back up to four arcane charges - use procced clearcasting and then send another fully charged barrage. The mega one shot includes casting arcanosphere AP and then execute the rotation mentioned above. If you rotate your mana correctly outside of burst you can keep up pretty good sustained DPS as well. But also, buff arcane clearcasting damage :slight_smile:


how do you deal with kicks i tried arcane but kept getting unable to cast the entire match

You should be able to fake cast poly like usual, but also you should be clipping your arcane missiles to avoid kicks. The burst rotation avoids a lot of hard casting to avoid getting kicked.

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Juking casts is one way, but if you aren’t running Klepto, your Spellsteal and other instant casts or defensives are super important and cannot get interrupted. I personally enjoy starting a hard cast then Spellstealing or Slowing right away, trying to bait an interrupt.