Frost DK dps help


Any input appreciated. Outside of using Breath of Sindragosa my dps in raids is crap. Considering my gear and ilvl what should my dps be at in Normal and Heroic raids

I’ve been able to take a look at your logs. I’m looking at your Guardian kill from the 23rd of October.

  1. I’d run Razorice on your weapon since you’re just using a 2H (you would ideally run DW with BoS build…)
  2. You’re missing loads of enchants on your gear.
  3. Opener is off, weird death strike here?
  4. Your Breath is really short. Think this is mainly because of the Death Strike starting you off badly. Also the fact that there wasnt any Lust doesn’t help…
  5. You ran Cold Heart but never really used chains of ice.
  6. Second BoS you used frost strike right before, you have to pool runic power in advance

I run obliterate. It feels more powerful

in addition to biceps points, looking at your current setup in armory you have a few things going the wrong way for you.

  • You are now DW with BoS which is good, but you have Rune of hysteria instead of Fallen crusader. Razorice mainhand, FC offhand is what you want.
  • You are using the blood gems, not sure if this is just because of what you have available, but the UH gems will give you a huge dps gain.
  • change your lvl45 talent to gathering storm.
  • always sim your gear, but currently you have a lot of haste, which isn’t ideal for BoS. you want to target ilvl>mastery>crit>haste=vers.

Thanks for all the advice!

If you arent running Frostscythe it doesnt matter what runeforge is on what weapon. There was a suggestion at least that running FC on your main hand was better because it hit more often than your off hand (offhand missed more than main hand was the idea) so the more it would hit the more chances it had to proc FC.

But right now it doesnt matter at all unless you are running Frostscythe to put RI on multiple targets.

Haven’t seen your logs, but here is my my burst/rotation if you want to try it. Build up runic power spending all runes with Obliterate and hitting any Rime procs (run Rage of the Frozen Champion), Remorseless Winter, hit burst macro which has: trinket, Pillar of Frost, Empower Rune Weapon, and Breath of Sindragosa (I use an exclamation point in front, /cast !Breath of Sindragosa, to avoid accidentally cancelling channel). Hit covenant ability, then spam Obliterates weaving in Howling Blast Rime procs. I have a weak aura sounding off a heart beat as my Pillar of Frost window expires warning me to hit Chains of Ice and Frostworm’s Fury before Pillar ends when strength is highest. Then continue to weave Howling Blast Rime proc’s and Obliterates to keep Breath going as long as possible, 30-40s is what I shoot for. Once Breath expires, weave Obliterates and Frost Strikes with Howling Blast Rime Procs. Next Pillar is just an Obliterate rotation weaving Frost Strike and Obliterate, with Chains of Ice at the end. The whole time I keep Remorseless Winter on cooldown maximizing its uptime. I generally save trinket and Frostworms Fury for Pillar windows, but sometimes I’ll use FF early if there are a bunch of targets.

For Raids, maximizing your uptime on the boss is tricky. Figure out which mechanics you can outmaneuver or nullify with your defensives so you can keep up your rotation. Like with Remnant for the dispel knockback, you can hit Death’s Advance and stay on the boss for both dispels as long as your group isn’t slow to execute their dispel strat. Also, you may want to consider delaying your primary burst to line up with Chaos Bane, like maybe doing an Obliteration rotation on your first Pillar. Both take practice on all bosses to master.

However, I also think Frost and Unholy are lagging behind other melee both because their burst windows are kind of long and susceptible to interruption. and they are slower than other melee even with Wraith Walk and Fleeting Wind. Their ST damage may also be a little front loaded and too weak outside of burst, but I’m also biased so…

Here are my takes

  • ENCHANT YOUR GEAR! PLEASE! You’re missing out on 45 strength along with a total of 32 secondary stat value which will go a long way when you’re against a boss that you might wipe when he has a fraction of health left. 32 secondary might not sound much but 45 strength will definitely add up.
  • There are other legendaries that might be stronger that suits your needs:
    – Koltira’s Fervor: Standard Legendary. Perhaps even a good starter legendary. Even better to scale with your Obliteration 2H ST build. You have it, that’s good. But there are other legendaries that might be stronger in different situations.
    – Biting Cold: Very good in M+. Perhaps even stronger than Koltira’s in ST that’s not 2h Obliteration build should your Everfrost Conduit grows stronger. I’ll probably choose this one for my other Frost DK that DW. I highly recommend giving this legendary a try as your character and Everfrost Conduit gets stronger!
    – Might of the Frozen Champion: Only pick this legendary if you want to maintain your RP economy for BoS. Since you’re Venthyr, you’re already one step ahead.
    – Absolute Zero: A good PvP legendary as well as a potential in M+. Maybe not for raiding, but a 90 second frost dragon with Chaos Bane sounds also like an interesting potential.
  • Always sim yoself. Take advice to heart from Biceps and Rak. They’re both good. If you’re not using Chains of Ice with Cold Heart allocated especially for a burst, it’s a waste of talent slot. Inexorable Assault is easier to use for more passive damage much like Rak uses.

EDIT: I checked your logs as an addendum. I’ll use your latest Heroic The Nine kill as a reference. This is not exclusive to a class, rather a player.

You need to have Spectral Flask of Power at all times if you and your raid group is serious about raiding. A Potion of Spectral Strength (Int if Warlock, Agi if Rogue, etc.) is also needed at least once to parse better in fights. If twice, that’s even better. Also make sure you have sharpening stones and food buff. Augment Runes are optional as they’re fairly pricy to spend if you wipe often. These are all buffs you bring to a raid for your maximum damage.

It all depends on how serious you and your group are in raiding. If you are serious, get these consumables along with Armor kits to make healers more wiggle room to heal you as well.

ADDENUM II: And… Get stacked up with Unholy Dom Set. They will inflate your damage in Sanctum of Domination… a lot.