Frost Death Knight Buffs Are

Negligible at best, insulting at worst.

While DW is currently narrowly out-performing 2-Handers, the issue with the spec is not that two-handed weapons are doing 2% too little damage. DW is also suffering and it’s due to lack of damage in the overall kit.
I suggest reverting either the obliterate damage nerf made in the pre-patch, or reverting the Pillar of Frost changes from pre-patch in at least one of two ways:

  • Lower the cooldown back to 45 seconds (down from the new 1 minute CD)
  • Increase the duration back to 15 seconds (up from the new 12 second duration)

Even if these buffs aren’t a lot, they would certainly help.

Other buffs may be in order, I am no game dev, just somebody that loves to play Frost Death Knight. Also, definitely do something to make 2-Handers catch up to DW, maybe allow them to use a second runeforge or make a special runeforge just for 2-Handers.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this, as this is mainly just a late night angry post about my bad spec staying bad in yet another balance hotfix.

Lastly, I know there are other specs that are underperforming in the game that need to be buffed, I hope they receive buffs too. This is just a post about Frost, all about Destro lock and other spec buffs too <3


I agree that PoF should be buffed a bit. Hell keep it a min and make it last 15-20 seconds. Give a conduit that increases it duration.

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2H frost went from bad to bad + 2%


Two handed frost was literally my most favorite spec in the entire game since ye olde tanker days (RIP). I was hopeful that it would be a thing again. Le sigh.

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And even worse is the fact that two handers are now on the loot table.

Just did a conductor “quest” and got a new two hander. Which technically would be an upgrade over my current weapons. By a sizable amount.

Except that the restriction of only one rune, slower rune generation, slower runic power generation, and slower attacks is only detrimental. Two handed needs more than “buff one attack” and “buff auto-attack” to be viable.


This would honestly help the spec so much, we would have more time to increase strength, which would bring more damage to Cold heart and Frostwyrm’s Fury.

Exactly, it’s barely a buff to the point it is just embarrassing.

Yeah, 2H Frost is what made me fall in love with playing my death knight. Adding it back kind of gave a false sense of hope that some developer at Blizzard might actually play Frost DK. It really doesn’t feel like any of the devs have touched the spec recently. I genuinely just want to give them insight as to how Frost DK players feel rn.

This is also just a really odd issue to have, like I look forward to getting a weapon drop out of my vault, but not only do I need the right stats, I need the right weapon TYPE or else it completely switches the entirety of my spec’s playstyle.

Sweet 2%? That is not even noticeable surprised its not 1%…very disappointed.

Yeehaw, 2% baby.