Frost bottom tier again? - the war within

Fire/arc are getting a stun but frost not? What the hell are developers smoking? Not fair at all! Give frost deep freeze.

Sunfury stun is great, but it’s not better than deep freeze, it’s on global, breaks cc, and more. Still very good for landing polymorphs on healers and will probably be strong enough to force players to play arc/fire instead of frost, but I don’t feel like playing arc/fire at all. Please give us OG deep freeze off global. Please.

I’m not playing arc/fire even if frost is F tier and fire/arc are S+. Like get out with this troll move. It would take a lot to make frost F tier, it’s in a good spot right now.

And why does comet still bring down a meteor to break polymorphs? Def not taking that talent even if it does 80% of someone’s HP. Random cleaving is bad for RMP!!!

Deepfreeze when?

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Honestly, I am not worried about it anymore. Just feels a bit unfair. Frost is currently A or B+ tier in 2s as holy+frost or sub+frost so for it to drop to F tier would take a lot. And I played Frost at 2200+ in every expansion with people I did not even know. I’ve not pushed rating this season, probably won’t, get home tomorrow late, still sitting at 2200, but I play with literally everyone. If I do play with a glad tho, it’s usually only 20 games. So I fluctuate a lot! Even when fire was bis in legion, I was that frost dude. Bfa, I was that frost boy. Shadowlands, every season, I was frost. So even if frost is F tier, I’m that guy. I’ve never played anything but frost, in every season and every expansion lol. When I try other specs, I’m just bad at them, I last 1hr max, they just feel gross and I go back frost. It’s just a slap in the face, arc/fire got the stun before frost lol.