Front stabbing and /sitting


But honestly the only place this works 100% of the time is pservers and if you worked it in Vanilla it was because of lag not because that’s how it was suppose to be.

On pservers I tried front stabbing and it was super clicky and twitchy and /sit reckoning on a pally and while somewhat effective was boring as hell.

And correct /sit was always 100% crit and 0% chance for that crit to proc on crit effects

As long as it still works in PvP it’s all gravy.

/sit spam still allowed you to do it, and with them increasing the time between data batches we may yet see it again. Blizzard removed the direct activation of abilities procing the talents in patch 2.3 with 2.4 tying up the loose ends on the few they missed. If you sit spammed you could still proc the talents.

Not necessarily. If you had good latency, there was a chance that it wouldn’t always proc.

About 100 latency and I could proc it regularly with a macro. I guess I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to have less latency than that.

(((these were private server bugs / exploits))) just sayin

Wrong. Although pservers had it so every time you sat you’d stack a reck charge, on live if you spammed sit you could, every few spams, build a charge because of batching.

On pservers you couldn’t get charges from anything gray level to you. On live you could get charges from any level mob so long as you spammed your sit key while it was aggrod on you.

Source: I used to cheese duels on live vanilla by getting charges from bears in dun morogh

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The paladin /sit was a pserver bug. Was never a thing on live.

If that’s the case then I’d expect it to be that way in Classic. But Blizzard has the only 100% authentic 1.12 reference client/server. Don’t expect anything to work as it does on a private server.

Someone didnt read the NDA with their beta invite


Sit to crit was added in Patch 2.3.

wowwiki.fandom .com/wiki/Sit?oldid=294765

Patch 2.3 Patch notes cite that sitting now triggers Blood Craze and Enrage.

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That’s when sitting while attacked itself could proc crit abilities.
In vanilla, if you were sitting, you would get crit automatically but abilities would not proc outside a few special attacks. You could utilize latency however to stand up at the right time to trick the game into critting you from sitting but, by the time you stood up, the game would then calculate on-crit abilities.
It wasn’t reliable for everyone.

I mean the only lost cause here is all of you paladins using these old guides as evidence until I started throwing around the fact the guide itself says only ABILITIES FROM PLAYERS can proc a charge from a talent.

Also if you even had the slightest understanding of how the current engine works and modern infrastructure you wont be able to fool the server like you could in 2006. Unlike the private servers that let you proc reckoning off mobs twenty levels lower then you by sitting.

Seriously you guys lost this fight, you won’t ever get to exploit sit. Get over it.

I wonder how long he waiting for a warlock to summon his friends lol

What fight was there to lose? Sit spam was a thing whether anyone likes it or not and that worked off of normal hits. The cause of this effect isn’t well understood and the slowed spell batching rates may or may not reintroduce it. Regardless, it isn’t a loss either way as reckoning is really strong without having to game it.

I will still use daggers, there is more class in it then spamming sinister strike for me.

Front stabbing existed I know because I did it a few times on my rogue in bc and classic. But everyone leveled combat so you and most people who say it didn’t wouldn’t know.

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We literally have patch notes, several guides, and videos showing otherwise. You literally have no idea how spell batching works and don’t understand how the modern client would remove any possible chance of proccing a talent from a /sit.

The fight is that, Ret is still and always will be the worst dps in the game. You won’t be able to exploit sit to max level nor in pvp. Hell even legacy players says Ret is the worst even Elem or Enhancement is superior.

Poor thing.

“Creative use of game mechanics” to gain unfair advantages are known as exploits, and are usually promplty patched, as they should be.

Show me those vidoes and maybe I’ll be able to understand what you are saying

Congratulations on trying to instigate indignation and anger there at the end. As for Ret being the worst dps in the game, one might think you were ignorant unless you add a qualifier to your opinion that specifically points to the one scenario you think they are bad at: raiding.

Surprised to see this post blow up a second time.