From a player who wasn't around in WoD, what was PvP gearing like and why are some so fond of it?

I leveled up, played ashran for a day or two. got my honor set and some conquest gear. hopped into arenas and got my conquest set in a week or two. Then I was ready for the big leagues.

It wasnt a long drawn out 2 month process to become competitive on alts.

Templates were way less fun than WoD and the ilvl gap was the same as WoD.

WoD gearing was basically templates that you could choose your stats. Far better than Legion IMO

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WoD gearing was def admired by many. But the gameplay was surely pretty uninteresting. Handful of comps felt really scripted/telegraphed, and comp variety wasn’t that great also for numerous classes/specs. I liked how Legion turned it up a notch with comp variety after s4 until the end. But WoD just felt like it turned it down 2 notches from MoP when it came to comp diversity.

Hated a lot of the class changes also from MoP to WoD. Felt like they ruined some playstyles with different design philosophies and couldn’t really reshape a lot of them properly. Only reason why I give Legion an edge over WoD was because most classes/specs had the multiple options for comps and didn’t feel as restricted.

In WOD we didn’t have to buy tokens or pve in order to PVP


if i remember correctly there was a crafted pvp set, honor set and conquest set. That’s it.

The difference between WoD Honor and conquest gear was like 10 Ilvl, which was around a 10% difference in healing/dmg output. Right now the difference between a fully honor geared player and a fully duelist geared player is 26 Ilvls; this leaves 0 wiggle room for winning the game.

In WoD if you wanted to pvp all you needed to do was hit lvl 100, spam Ashran for about a day and get full honor gear. Then just enchant your gear and boom, you’re playing a more than viable character. This system was miles more alt friendly than any of the Shadowlands, but the biggest issue with it is the gearing.

Players - “We want one honor set and one conquest set, no upgrades please.”

Blizzard - “Hmm we hear you…” Proceeds to add another 4 ranks of gear for no reason.

26 Ilvls behind a fully geared player? Seems like a Gitgud issue.


SL is the worst expansion and gearing ever in history. Comparing it to WoD which had infinitely better Class design, no systems and simple easy gearing is like comparing jet plane to a car with square wheels. There is no comparison SL is the worst WoD was the best.

You could just PvP all day and be full geared in a week. We had Ashran which rewarded Conquest items for killing the Boss and a chance at BiS trinkets (as well as massive honor.) The best gear came from PvP and it rained BiS gear. So you could make Alts and just PvP and BiS gear them. Which allowed everyone to just PvP all day everyday since they were quickly geared through PvP.

Furthermore there was actually every stat option none of this stuck with no options at the PvP vendor where you can’t gear how you want. The current vendors are trash and the gear they offer sucks.

Imagine a time where you just PvP and a socketed BiS item can just drop from a BG in Ashran. Compared to now where you have a bunch of crappy ranks on gear, that requires rating and honor, that isn’t stat optimized, that you then have to grind out Rep and another resource to socket.

SL is the worst and the Devs should be fired for a lack of vision on how to make a great game.


In TBC, you played, you got points, you bought gear, that’s it. Honor gear first, honor gear was not that expensive in honor, no upgrades.

Classes were more unique and more balanced.

Yes kind of.

Rofl no.

I disagree, I think they were way more balanced in WOD than last 3 expacs. You weren’t overwhelmed by something and everything was fair game. Next to MOP I think WOD had the most spec diversity and everything was viable.

WoD was easily the lowest point in the existence of the game.


WoD balance was better than BFA or SL for sure. I don’t recall seeing much of mm hunt, bm hunt, fire mage, uhdks, or demo locks throughout that entire xpac. MoP and Legion had better spec representation thoughout I’d say.

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Oh 100% MOP was hands down better, but when comparing the diversity in WOD to any of the last 3 expacs, everything was viable and it was in its own way. You could play a spec and not be punished for being your 3rd spec.

But last 3 expacs, not playing the cookie cutter of your class, let alone spec, makes it significantly harder on you and way more punishing, resulting in lower participation overall from things. If Arms is the best spec, why suffer trying to play Fury.

Game has gotten to the point where diversity and balance are syonymous.

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I would have so many alts geared if this was still the case.

I’ve started to level so many, and then I get to 60, look at what I’d have to do again to be competitive, and just log off


He was talking about tbc.

I personally hated WoD but I couldn’t get over the prune. WoD gearing however is exactly what we should have for every expansion.

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Ashran loot crate being the sole source of the “stat stick” accolades that still haven’t made a return, and the conquest catchup cap only partially carrying over into later weeks.

Otherwise, yeah. It’d probably be the best system for the most people.

I prefer to leave Legion out of this criteria becuase I strongly believe it had good spec diversity towards the end. For locks, there wasn’t really a spec and shined a lot over the other where it made you think “why play X over Y when X is clearly the best and functions best with everything”. Could say the same for mages, hunter (surv and mm for the most part were extremely competitive w/ each other w/ some comps), and a few other classes. Enh sham, for ex, had some good variety of comps which you normally wouldn’t have seen in other xpacs.

Also I feel like WoD lacked in this area of diversity. Gameplay also wasn’t that exciting unless you played some of the meta driven comps like turbo, fls, rmp etc…

I miss WoD Arcane so much :frowning:

I must’ve missed that then. TBC was unbalanced as all hell

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You could hit 100 on a Friday and be fully honor geared with conquest weapons/off pieces by the next day. On Sunday, you could be queuing arenas and be competitive enough to win matches.