Friend's list not working

My friends list is disappearing on me I cannot see any of my friends or family on the friend’s list. Please help.

Has this resolved since your post?

If not, try exiting WoW, reboot your machine (for good measure), then go back into WoW and see if the problem persists.

If it still does, try a complete UI reset. It’s quick, simple and easily reversible if it doesn’t fix any issues:

If that still doesn’t fix anything, you might dive into the suggestions given by the blue poster Kershew in the following tech support thread:

(Note: Be very careful on step #2. Kershew means for you to delete your “” folder. NOT your “Program Files (x86)” folder. It’s just a bit unclear on that point, and I wanted to make sure no one’s nuking any Program Files folders. :grimacing:)

Good luck!

if you use the friends group add on it was broken earlier, might need to check for updates.

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I’ve had my friend’s window be completely black with no friends at all, bnet or local. In that case I just log out for a few minutes and then back in. Usually does the trick.


Thank you everyone! I got it fixed, reloaded the UI and it fixed it. Thanks for the help!. :slight_smile: