Friends hitting the 30 instance cap before noon

That feels like a judgey question.

No more or less than a lot of other wow players.

Your friends have already done 30 instances before noon?

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/10 char

As the blue post (quoted in this thread) says, that is NOT the purpose. The purpose was to Nerf “exploitative and automated gameplay”.

So if you are hitting the limit, and your gameplay is not automated, then your gameplay must be exploitive.

Just because you like it, and you have done it before, does not mean it isn’t exploitive.


To be fair, they followed up and clarified:

So they’ve already taken steps to address this problem. I’m sure they’re aware that there are some “legitimate” players still bumping into this, and if the number of those was significant, they would take steps to address the issue. Like every other design decision, there is a cost and a benefit to this, and they currently believe that the benefits of this change outweigh the costs. I don’t know how much longer we want to beat this dead horse. Compromises have been made already, and I am skeptical that any more will be done. There will always be players who refuse to accept reality, clinging to the false hope that this change will someday be reverted. I pity them.


The boosters. And you wonder why blizz did this.


Hmm, are you sure it’s a rolling 24 hour lockout? I just assumed it was 30 instances within a daily reset meaning noon-to-noon. Having it rolling is much more painful to track.

says you…

Who are we to judge the value of someones time spent doing what they want. Just because it sounds “bad” to you doesnt mean that playing that much should be looked down on.

30 means instance cap before noon while not impossible is most likely fake news.

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Yup, it’s rolling. A way to track it in game would be useful. I never get even close to hitting the cap since I feel farming small sections over and over is immersion breaking, but I imagine tracking it manually would be a pain.

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It’s easy to do 30 instances in a total of a few hours of gameplay. There’s no rule stating the someone has to stay logged in while their 5 per hour lockout ticks down.

so wait your friends want to wake up at 6 am and farm wow all day every day or something?


The cap is 30 instances per day, not 30 instances per day if you play for 6 hours straight and never hit the 5 instance lockout. It only takes a couple of hours to rack up 30 instances.

it takes 6 at 5 per hour

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It doesn’t take 6 hour to clear 30 instances. It has to be done over a span of 6 hours. Those aren’t the same thing. Someone can sit down for 30m and do 5 runs to lockout of a dungeon they’re farming in whichever way, then leave and come back an hour or several later and repeat.

There is no rule that says all 30 instances must be run in a single 6 hour play session. Get that through your head.

a couple hours means two which is impossible not sure why you and saying this
and i never said they cant do what they want between the 5 per hour cap but it still takes them logging and spamming 5 once an hour for 6 hours
edit also op is saying his friend capped before noon meaning he started at 6 am or earlier

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The actual time played to rack up 5 lockouts can be as short as 20m and as long as several hours. That’s the point you keep missing or keep ignoring.

wtf are you even talking about i never said it couldn’t it like you are arguing with yourself here


You’re denying that anyone could or would spend 6 hours every day racking up 30 lockouts. In reality, it takes much than 6 hours in game time to rack up 30 lockouts. You’re going out of your way to ignore that it’s very easy to rack up 30 lockouts in one day with relatively little time spent logged into the game.

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