Friendly & Positive Community

Hi and thank you for clicking this page! Are you tired of negativity in the chats that you read? Do you even avoid chat as to not be insulted or harassed? Do you want to just have a nice spot to talk, interact and play with other folk that have no ill will to spread? Here’s the idea! I’m proposing that a community to be made for such a thing! Has this been done before? Likely, many times. However, consistency and passion are key! I’m sure most of us truly love WoW, some of us use it to escape hardships. Whatever the reason, let us all create and maintain a place that makes us feel good to return to.

Here are the general rules below.
-No Negativity.
(That’s not what this is about. We’re here to support each other and have a friendly environment. You don’t have to be sunshine and rainbows, but don’t be a Negative Nancy! Let’s say someone likes X, you don’t like X. They ask you about it, you can just say “Not my cup of tea.” Or even joke about it together. As long as there is no conflict. If you have nothing nice to say, it’s best to keep it to yourself and not judge the person Any baggage you have, please leave it outside.)

-All Identities Are Welcome!
(No one is allowed to discriminate against anyone for any preferences, or how they choose to identify. As long as you’re nice, it does not matter where you come from. You are welcome!)

-Let’s Keep The Language Clean!
(I get it. Most of us if not all of us curse. Some more than others… but let’s do our best to keep strong language to a minimum. Or even used within proper context such as “Let’s get **** done!”)

-Sensitive Topics/Personal Issues.
(I understand that people feel the need to discuss certain topics, but things can get heated or cause divide fairly easily and quickly, or even have others feel uncomfortable. If you feel the need the strong need to chat about a personal issue, ask if anyone could chat with you about it on the side! If it is a topic that can cause heated debates easily, I suggest you look elsewhere to chat about it.)

-Content being played.
(Personally, I’m not a hardcore raider. It doesn’t call me. I’d consider myself a fairly casual player. But I do enjoy me some dungeons and PvP! But that’s just me! Casual? Hardcore? Somewhere in the middle? Do you play a little, play a lot? Regardless of your skill level or time put in, you are welcome!)

But how do we achieve such a thing? Does it all fall on one person? To be crushed under the weight of all the responsibility that such a task requires? Well that’s the point of a community! We all come together to create the environment that we truly want. It’s okay if you contribute a lot, a little, or almost nothing. But I do say this. My goal is to have three people to hold the brunt of the responsibility to manage and moderate the community. If you have any questions or concerns, you ask any higher ups!

What do you say? You interested? Reply down below and let me know how you feel. I’ve never done this before. But I’m willing to give this a shot! By joining however, you accept full responsibility for your actions and speech, liable to being removed. But if you’re not like that, you’re fine! It’s our time playing WoW, let’s make sure it’s a good time!

Search for the community called “United We Play!” Give a small description of your intentions upon joining, and if you meet the criteria, you’re in! For those interested in having the responsibility of being a moderator, you let me (The Owner) know personally and we’ll talk!

Remember folks! United We Play! Thank you for reading! :slightly_smiling_face: